Hluntin and village admin officer burgle a Rohingya home

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A group of Hluntin personnel and Ward number 4, admin officer U NYo Htun had burgled a Rohingya home yesterday night at Bomu para under Ward number 4, Maungdaw, said Hasu from Maungdaw.
The house is owned by Ms. Haseinna Begun and it was locked for the fear of attack in the night and living with her relative home,  Hasu said.

But, the U Nyo Htun and his colleague Hluntin who are station near the Maungdaw Hospital jointly broke the lock of the Haseinna home and toke all the valuable things from the home, said Haseinna.

But, the Ward admin officer U Nyo Htun said they entered the house for seeing locked and suspected there will be some criminals living inside the house.

The Ward admin officer also said they didn’t know about the valuable things and didn’t know who toke that.

The authority are harassing Rohingya in the census to include their ethnicity as Rohingya and other side the security force and Rakhine robbing Rohingya property , said Hamid, a school teacher from Maungdaw.

Rakhine steal and killed Rohingya cow and keep in the area to show  in Buthidaung
Similarly, in Buthidaung, Rakhines steal cow from Rohingya community and kept Rohingya in worry in their livelihoods in Prin Chanung village yesterday. The Rakhine left the head of cow and other parts to show Rohingya that they will kill all the domestic animal of Rohingya, said the owner of cow.

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