Rakhine set on fire the Doe Tan market in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Seven Rohingya stores from Doe Tan (Ludain) village market, Maungdaw north were set on fire which gone to ashes by two Rakhine who ride motorbike nearby market on 26 March 2014 at about 4:00am, said locals who were on the duty for the village protection.


“The two Rakhines were on motor bike and we didn’t interest as they were going to Ngarkhura Rakhine village and the pass nearby market. After a while the market was start on fired,” Haroon (not real name) from the village.

More than 40 stores in the market and the villagers had tried to extinguish the flames to save other stores. But they lost seven stores, Haroon said.

In Maungdaw, the authority imposed Emergency Act 144 which prevent the Rohingya to go out in the emergency period, but the Rakhine are able to move in this time. No emergency Act was imposed for them in the Maungdaw. So, the two Rakhine able to set on fire the market as they can move in the night and Rohingya can’t able to move and to protect their properties. The authority will blame Rohingyas for ablaze and arrest some innocent Rohingyas, said a village admin office members.


The owners of stores which gone to ashes are: – Mohamed Zubir, Husson, Taher, Mohamed Rashid, Eliyas and Hawlil Ahmed. Hawlil lost two stores- one department store and snack store, the member said.

Similarly, three houses were burnt to ashes in Mraw Kyaung on March 26 at about 10:00am morning and it was not known how the fire started. The villagers believed the fire was set by Rakhine with modern technology using gunpowder. The fire started mostly in the noon as it need the sun heat to fire the gunpowder, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

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