Army personnel give protection to criminal in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan state : The villagers of La Baw Zarr ( Bawshu Para) held a criminal while he was trying to enter the village on March 25 at about sunset, said Kalu from the village.

The criminal with his friend were trying to enter the village from western side of village while all the villagers were busy in their daily work to finish at sunset time of the day. Some young boys from the village seen the stringer who try to enter the village, informed the village elders and admin officer. When the villagers round up them, one the criminal run away from the scene and another one was held by the villager, Kalu added.

The village admin officer informed to the border security police closed to village. The police checked the criminal whether he is a security force or not. Finally, the police found that the criminal was not a security force, Kalu more added.

The police investigated whatever they want, but didn’t give any information to the villagers, said the village admin officer.

Later, the police sent him to the army station which was in Myoma Kayoungdan village. The Army officer received the criminal and said to the police that he was a Army personnel, the village admin officer added.

The villagers believed that the criminal was a Rakhine community and he was trying to set fire the village and they came to check the situation of village and to set up to burnt the village. But, the police and Army were not checked him why he was trying to enter the Rohingya village at sunset time, said a school teacher.

The villagers are alerted for information of villages – brunt with modern technology and every villagers are watching any stranger near the village. The Rohingya villagers didn’t known the criminal set up to burnt the houses, the teacher added.

If the security forces are not helping to protect our villages, how we save our properties and lives. The security forces need to take action when we held any one with suspicion and handed over to them. But, now we see the security force released them when in their hand, the teacher more added.

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