Save Rohingyas, nowhere to go

By Huson Salm

Zero tolerance dubbed puppet President U Thein Sein had promised many times international community to handle justly, impartially and honestly the local communal problems ‐‐ mostly between radical Buddhists and innocent Muslims—such kinds at most have remarkably been since his first inauguration as president in history.

U Thein Sein, who is widely believed as nothing more than a live less puppet, is sternly controlled and madly driven by U Than Shwe whatever he wants to execute.

U Than Shwe is inherited the legacy of the then general Ne Win’s all bad behaviors and state structural paperwork to run the country and who had been one of the sole brutal, atrocious and wicked dictators, crushing the democratic movements and political dissidents since the year 1989 to 2010.

During these days, the matriculation examination will be over in Myanmar and there are already sorts of destructive elements, who are readily being positioned in targeted locations, created by the government agents to craft noise and then explosively leading into uninterrupted communal problems, particularly between Muslims and radical Buddhists, in several parts of the nation as a part of the
Government sponsored programs. It is widely believed that the sole master planner of the all along ‘communal riots’ has been Minister U Aung Thaung. In fact, U Aung Thaung, who is the only nearest figure of U Than Shwe who is behind the curtail now to order all destructive plans to hoard his interest in ruling and the favored cronies, has been at most furious negative stand against the emergence of pure democratization and totally at odd position against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

U Wirathu, a well‐known ‘Buddhist ghost priest’ than a peaceful minded Buddhist monk, is well‐organized, trained and comprehended due to all inner appalling tactics of the state which have been solely handed and executed by U Than Shwe and together with his highly trusted figures who are taking positions in cabinet now. Ostensibly, wherever U Warathu goes along the countryside, he usually sows communal hatred seeds which later blasted into deadly communal violence. In these days he has been touring in all Arakan state’s townships and met all fanatic Rakhine leaders to be ready to make propaganda as per the directions of the gang‐networks players.

Soon aftermath of the violence in all parts the nation in the past, U Thein Sein usually forms so called commissions for vague investigations by his brain‐washed colleagues to shun the international investigations and that of the suggestions to be participating by global involved experts in the incidents. In regards the three major particular incidents occurred such as the 2012 Rakhine crisis, Meittilar massacre on innocent Muslims and the last Duchiratan massacre in Maungdaw, Rakhine in the year 2014, the respective commission did not find out any apparent faults committed by the offenders which in accord by the first hand information obtained by international organization such United Nations and Human Rights Watch instead‐‐ they (commission) reshaped truth as a whole sale orchestrated blame on innocent Rohingyas and Muslims of Myanmar and mounted up a lot of irrational alleged accusation on being massacred families, thus the regional and international community absolutely dissatisfying for not meeting the wishes of the sufferers and the commission was challenged to set up for global inquiry by the world community which has been highly irritated due to technique of commissions and that of the reports coming out after their investigations.

So called remorseless Dr. Kyaw Yin Hlaing, a responsible person to answer the reporters’ questions in regards the investigation on Duchiratan, he clearly said that they didn’t find any offenders from Rakhine people who are believed to have killed Muslims
Rohingyas but they (commission) found out that Muslims burnt their houses and killed themselves based on their old personal grudge. Besides, he bravely answering on particular questions “crime against humanity and genocide” raised by couple of reporters—he said he couldn’t answer and didn’t know about that because he was not employed in the state administration but he only advises the President of the state and the wholesale massacre and crime against humanity which assumed by international community against Rohingyas might be “the state policy”, I learned from one of the attendees who attended in Bangkok forum which was held on 7 March 2014. Every time’s international community’s approach to the government to cooperate in the inquiry affairs has been neglected, angrily denied and blatantly ignored‐‐ reasoning “the internal affairs and the matter of integrity and sovereignty”.

World community and a member of United Nations should abide the international law and should be willing the cooperation of the world community in a member country. Sovereignty does not mean to exterminate, annihilate and finish the particular innocent people after enclosing them in a designed area and gradually disenfranchising every single citizenship right one after another and embarrassing and get losing the human dignity for more than three decades in confined area. The meaning of sovereignty is pleasing the responsibility for the citizens’ requirement. Citizens are in need of secured life and livelihood, adequate food and good shelter, qualitative education, and dignified human existence on any place of the world‐‐ above all to grant them the full citizenship rights. This is truth for sovereignty. Rohingyas are not threatening the sovereignty of the state—Rohingyas are part of the state‐ Rohingyas belong to the mainstream society of Myanmar and Rohingyas are responsible to protect the state sovereignty hand to hand with entire people from any danger if fallen to the country.

Irreversibly, Rohingyas people’ current situation in northern Rakhine and somewhere else of the nation become like ‘hell in the cell’. I have a hobby to watching the show ‘HELL IN THE CELL’. In wrestling show in the USA, there is a tough major show and the rivals are put in the cell which is tightly constructed with iron bars and enclosed with sheets from every sides and the only single door is locked by the authority, there is no outlet to run away from the floor without fighting or disabling to compete, and then the referee inside the cage let them to fight until the winner appears from the event after deadly fighting. No one can interfere without authority’s approval.

Similarly, Rohingyas in Arakan are confined as per abovementioned example by the successive governments for more than 60 years exactly—in other word they have been strictly confined after the year 1990. The authorities’ ideas have been‐‐ no movement from one place to another for the purpose of education, medical treatment, commerce, and social visit, any university professional education to proper Burma to become doctors, nurses, engineers, economists, school teachers, and broader minded people after having university education.

For the past 40 years in Rakhine State, all school teachers, university lecturers, doctors and nurses have been instilled by Rakhine nationalists the fervor of Rakhine nationalism. All Rakhine state employees are in line bad principle of the nationalists’ directions to gravely discriminate Rohingyas students in schools, college and university and madly mistreat Rohingyas Muslims in clinic and hospitals. Among them the worst is doctors and nurses who usually endorse irrelevant treatment to the Muslims Rohingyas patients and in some cases the local Rohingyas found some disguise nurses have paid usual visits to Muslims ladies to inject sterile injection without prior knowledge or consent of the individuals in Muslims villages. Some Rakhine medical experts are usual habit of injecting the deadly transmitting diseases in the bodies of Rohingyas at the absence of their (Rohingyas) information. Rohingyas people, having been learnt the fatally discrimination attitude of the doctors and nurses, none of the Rohingyas has trust on Rakhine doctors and nurses, and instead the patients turned on to local practitioners for a temporary relief. MSF,which is run by Doctors without Border has been a merciful medical facilities and the only outreaching medicament for vulnerable Rohingyas people,but unfortunately it was forced to get out from the region under the compelling sentiment of Rakhine terrorists. As a matter of fact, MSF was ordered to get outfrom the region because it has treated some 22 Rohingyas injured persons who were being attacked by Rakhine police and that treatment was honestly exposed to media as a nature of medical accomplishment but not a purpose of political motivation. That is an immense reality.

Right now, there is no medical treatment for Rohingyas, no college for education for 2 ½ years, no factories for job employment at all, no jungle for wood or forest work, no water to catch fish, no travelling for search of jobs, no police station to bring complaint, no court to appeal, no advocate to hire,no safety for live and residences among Rakhine style terrorists who can marrow from one place to another to burn down Muslims houses and properties with the help of police and Rakhine security who have been condoning the acts of the entire Rakhine vigilantes along the course of the terror attack.

Considering the man‐made catastrophic on Rohingyas, the international communities have been so sympathetic to stretch out helping hands on terrified, victimized and troubled people. But they aren’t totally free and being constrained to provide assistance as per the requirement of the victims. Rakhine ordinary people and untie terrorists are above the law ‐‐they have been protected from punishment—and they are almost all the time intimidating, annoying and forcefully attempting to impede the global assistant providers and social workers in Rakhine state. The situation in Aungminglar quarter, Rathedaung township, Mrauk Oo, Pauktaw, Myaybone and Kyauknimaw – where there are terribly affected areas by the Rakhine assailants in the past two and half years, and they are now in a very serious situation facing scarcely shortage of food, medicine, shelter, and daily required humanitarian necessities. Really there is a large humanitarian tragedy.

Since the commencement of so‐called democratization in the hand of this government, at most demonstrators not only Rakhine state but Burma proper are Rakhine people ethnic alone than any other ethnic group. Democracy becomes for Rakhine people only, Rohingyas feel. For Rakhine people, their sole aims and objects have been to expel Rohingyas to Bangladesh because they are not citizens of the state while majority of who were made as White Card holders. Base on this thought, they (Rakhine) have started: to confiscate Rohingyas’ lands‐‐ to stop pursuing higher education‐‐ to restraint from doing business for their livelihood‐‐ to limit their birth to be shrinking their population from current existence‐‐to burn, loot and destroy their houses, cattle, shops and small enterprises—in order Rohingyas to be getting gradually into the dire poverty that hand to mouth point, and at last flee from the land rather than attempting for Rakhine themselves to get lost rights from the Union government. It seems general Rakhine are happier to get lost rights of Rohingyas and their entire damage than their rights to be regained, restored and legitimized by the union government.

In democracy, majority wins. But, the winning by bad and mad majority people’ shouldn’t be accepted‐‐ it can only be called mob‐crazy than democracy. Nowadays, the way U Thein Sein’s leading role to democracy is based on blasphemous media propaganda that included several journals in locals, and with disguised agents to make mess up the normal life of the public, and the cheating policies which become the repeating theories through his elite in local and international inexorably which is nothing more than a coward, dishonest, cruel, unreliable and unpredictable than praiseworthy for which he has done and earned some changes after his inauguration.

Moreover, the 1982 citizenship law is a big vicious present and a huge excuse for all departmental officers, investigation commission members, ministers from all ministries and even the president. They all stick the 1982 citizenship law which is the last oppressive machine being inherited to the legacy of Ne Win’s generation. The clauses imbued in 1982 citizenship laws are confused and undecided to apply and practice. At this point, all state stakeholders who want Rohingyas to be disenfranchising their indigenous rights are sincerely asked to consider over the following suggestion:

A. Were we accepted and happy the drive of the then general Ne Win’s caretaker government coup? Who will agree to say yes!
B. Were we accepted and satisfied the 1963’s revolutionary council’s nationalization? No one will agree about that!
C. Have we been happy the military administration by Ne Win who was ostracized by the international community and cut off the relations even with neighboring countries? Not at all!
D. Haven’t we got a harsh and totally shut up life whatever Ne Win and his close elite did on the people of Burma which hard‐pressed the country into abysmal conditions by the illegalization of Myanmar currency one after another and that led mass chaos and total destructions in the year 1988? Yes, of course!
E. Didn’t U Ne Win order to kill the innocent people who were peacefully involved in nonviolent demonstration to be regaining the democracy which was lost in the hand of U Ne Win in the year 1958? Yes he ordered to kill!
F. Haven’t U Ne Win elite dragged the country after 1988 coup and disagreed to hand over the power the landslide victory winner NLD in 1990 election to build the new nation?

My point here is who had been the most wanted culprit, guilty party and wrong‐doer to tear apart the nation which reaching into the least developing country and that of the people into terrible degree in the region. These all tragedies have been because of U Ne Win’s lack of knowledge, unwillingness, ignorance, selfishness, stubbornness, mismanagement, discriminatory mindedness and bullshit policy of the state in the region. People in 1988, the mass and class demonstrations have fully understood that they never needed U Ne Win and his ruling in the country and the brave people have overturned all the ruling systems of U Ne Win. After relinquishing all the bad heritages of U Ne Win in behind, why is then the only bad legacy of ‘1982 world most brutal citizenship law’ is yearned and dragged into practice to apply on Rohingyas alone by the government. None of us has a desire to inherit the legacy of Ne Win because every one of us knows his is disgusting and unacceptable in society that is why we every‐single one is renouncing the system of Ne Win and marching towards together with one voice ‐‐ one goal into the path of democratization which is only a way for all of us to unite under the path of peace, love, unity, respecting and honoring the equal human rights in nation building tasks. Let’s don’t move backward, because there is no room for backtracking for us now in this 21st borderless century era. To remove the Rohingyas people’ rights, the several demonstrations‐‐ which have been advised or have been condoned by president, the two cabinets, parliamentarian members, RNDP MPs, 88 generation leader particularly by Ko Ko Gyi, several ignitable journals, some politicians and political parties, and disguised monks from numerous monasteries–have evidently shown to entire world community that the government of Myanmar doesn’t care the soft advocacy ‘non‐binding resolution’ of the world community.

All in all, the multi‐color atrocities ‐ practiced on ground of being Muslims and non-recognized citizens of the nation on innocent Rohingyas by township police, Rakhine armed people, the mob of Rakhine and concerned authorities from village to union level ‐‐become totally intolerable and highly upset while there are no thread of hope or resolute action against the brutal Myanmar authorities from international community with a rigid binding resolution after having suffered year on year.

How worse situation should be faced by the helpless Rohingyas, how many long days they should wait for coming international jurisdiction to save Rohingyas, and until how many helpless, hopeless, and vulnerable Rohingyas should be brutalized, killed and distressed in fields, water, jungle and jails in the country and beyond?

Please take care of us to survive in our land as other people of the world.

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