Rohingya discrimination, state policy

Chittagong, Bangladesh: A report released by Fortify Rights, on Feb 25 alleges that Burmese government has in place official policies that reject Rohingya Muslims the same rights as others in the country.

It is a Southeast Asia-based human rights organization; the report also highlights the discriminatory policies applied to the Rohingya, including population control measures and restrictions on their movements, restrictions on marriage, childbirth and building of worship places.
Matthew Smith, executive director of Fortify Rights, said analysis of a dozen leaked official and public records detail restrictions on the right to travel freely, practice religion, repair homes, and marry and to have families.
Though these policies have been imposing in Arakan against the Rohingya community, some decades ago, this is the first time the orders have been made public.  Mr Smith describes it as a terrifying effect of seeing them in writing.
“It exemplifies a level of planning and knowledge among Myanmar authorities that increases the abuses to the beginning of crimes against humanity,” said Smith.
“These abuses have been carried out for years with complete freedom, driving the population into the ground.”
There was no prompt reaction from the government and almost all the policies are still in place and imposed, the Fortify group reported.
Myanmar, however, after half-century of its military rule, has been hit by religious violence since it began its rough change to democracy in 2011. As many as 1,000 (unofficially), but officially only 280 people have been killed. Most of them Rohingyas had been killed by the attacks of Buddhists, and another 150,000 forced to flee their homes to stay in makeshift camps in Sittwe and other towns or to flee abroad.

Confidential documents published in the 79-page report expose that official orders issued by Rakhine State authorities from 1993 to 2008 plan regular State policies restricting Rohingyas.

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