Arson attack again to Du Chee Ya Tan village of Maung Daw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  On February 24, at night, the Rakhine villagers of Kray Mryin village and Budu Khong villages set on fire three houses of Du Chee Ya Tan west village of Maungdaw south while the family members were not present at homes at night for fear of Rakhine villagers’ attack, a villager named Kalu (not real name) said.
“The house owners are identified as— Ms Hamida (32), daughter of Ismail, her husband was dead and has two small sons; Ms  Zaria Khatun (40), daughter of Khadir Hosson, and her husband was also dead; and Ms Moriyam Khatun (30), mother of two children, daughter of Moulvi Zabber. Her husband divorced her.”
At night, villagers, from Du Chee Ya Tan west village, after having food, go to nearby Rohingya villages to sleep at night because of fear of attacks by Rakhine villagers, said another villager who did not mention his name.
Taking this advantage, the Rakhine villagers went to the Rohingya village and set on fire three houses into ashes. They (Rakhine villagers) do not fear the police and other concerned authorities that will take action against them for starting burning Rohingyas’ houses, the villager more added.  
If the Rohingya villagers apprise the house burning issue by the Rakhine villagers to the police, they will blame again to the Rohingya villagers, that “They themselves burning their houses, they blame Rakhine villagers.” As a result, villagers do not want to go to police station, said a local youth who denied to be named.
However, the following day, in the morning, a group of police went to the village to arrest the fire victims, but they went into hiding. Police daily go to the village as patrol and return to their station.
In day time, male villagers go to the village, however, at night, after having food; they leave again from the village at night for sleeping, out of the village. They sleep in tents and paddy fields out of their village since the event of February 13 because of fear of police, Hluntin and Rakhine terrorists, a village elder said.  
So far villagers are living in their village in panic-stricken situation.  In the recent event, nearly hundred villagers including males, females and children were killed, some were wounded and some are still missing.  Those who are injured in the recent incident have been facing many difficulties for proper medical treatment and financial crisis, the village elder added.
However, the recent Myanmar National Human Rights Commission inquiry commission report that it found according to the commission evidence of killings,
The Central government, the state government ( Rakhine state) and local authorities, some Rakhine opposition parties, some Rakhine terrorist groups and the 969 monk organization systematically have been doing against the Rohingya community. It is clear that their intention is to drive the Rohingya people from Arakan soil and to charge them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, according to a politician inside Arakan.  
The violence in Burma has always been one-sided where Rohingya and Burmese Muslims are victims. The ethnic cleansing against Rohingya in Arakan is existence in Arakan for nearly half a century and it is the roots cause of the problem. There are over 150,000 Rohingyas and Muslims IDPs and Rakhine IDP camps are non-existent in reality, the politician added.

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