ARNO’S Protest to Myanmar National Human Rights Commission’s Statement No. (2/ 2014)

Arakan Rohingya national Organization
Arakan, Burma


ARNO’S Protest to Myanmar National Human Rights Commission’s Statement No. (2/ 2014)

Date: 19/02/2014

ARNO has strongly condemned the statement No. (2/2014), dated 14 February 2014, of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission regarding the incident at the Ducheeratan (Du Chee Yar Tan) village tract in Maungdaw township of Rakhine/Arakan State. It is a bias report devoid of truth, based on racial and religious discrimination.
The statement said that a 4-member team of the Commission had made a tour of the Ducheeratan village tract, from 30 January to 3 February 2014, to investigate into the incident, and that on interrogation it found no evidence of killings.  Here the question is, at that time, Ducheeratan was a deserted village and there was none since all escaped massacre. Besides, in the article, “trip to Ducheeratan” reported in Irrawaddy magazine of Feb. 15, the columnist Sanay Linn wrote that until then there were only 10 males and 15 females living in the said village and there was no one in the Ducheeratan middle village. Even there were no residents living in most of the houses, which were safe from arson attacks, for fear of security forces and Rakhine criminal gangs.

Despite this, the commission made a nonsense report that its team had interrogated more than 200 women in the school of the Ducheeratan middle village. It was in plain sight that those women were brought, under threat, from the nearby villages by the army authorities for a short time. They were not at all Ducheeratan villagers.

In addition, the commission’s statement that it had discussion with Islamic religious leaders and elders is, as a matter of fact, an outmoded practice of the army authorities; and its denial to have received a death list of 52 people is a blatant lie and deception.

ARNO has not only received a copy of the said death list of 52 people from amongst the villagers who had directly handed it to the commission team, it has also in hand a substantiated list of 93 people who were massacred in Ducheeratan, which  was published in Burmese in its ‘Arakan Monthly’ issued in January 2014.

Over and above, ARNO has video recordings of interviews with some of the Ducheeratan villagers and eye witnesses who escaped the carnage. They included a man with bullet injuries and another one with physical damage caused by terrible torture.  We denounce the commission’s terming the Rohingya people as Bengalis with a clear intent to deprive them of their ethnic rights and to charge them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, which toes the line of the military backed government, lacks independence. It has not properly and impartially investigated the Ducheeratan massacre and so we dispute and challenge its report No. (2/2014), which is a bias piece full of deception.

Therefore, ARNO urges upon the international community to form an independent UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate into the Ducheeratan massacre and to protect the defenseless Rohingya people in Rakhine/Arakan State, Burma.
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