Du Chee Yar Tan massacre

By Nurul Islam

Du Chee Yar Tan popularly known as Kilaidong is a village 6 miles south of the border town of Maungdaw in Burma’s Arakan/Rakhine State. It is a farming society with about 4000 Rohingya people. During recent years a Buddhist Rakhine settler village with a police outpost was established alongside the Rohingya settlement.

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Verification of Rohingya in Arakan

By Nurul Islam

Immediately after the two genocidal onslaughts against Rohingya and Kaman Muslims in Rakhine State (Arakan) in June and October 2012, random operations were launched by the immigration authorities, guarded by police and armed forces, to verify the citizenship of the Muslims – to verify who has the right to be a citizen of Myanmar, and who does not. The operations began quietly with no public announcement and the villagers were taken by surprise. They had not been told what the operations were for.
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