Deputy Judge extorts money through law in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The deputy Judge is extorting money from Rohingya who faced trial in Maungdaw Judge Court, said Halim, Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
U Than Htun Oo, the deputy judge of Maungdaw judge court used his power in trials to extort money from Rohingya who case was hearing under his supervise, starting 500,000 kyat to 1000,000 kyat depended on the person, the watchdog said.

U Than Htun Oo used his power when a case was able to bill or dismiss – release temporarily (by a court of law) and unconditionally release- but he used the law to extort money from person, saying he will send him to jail and sends his assistant to negotiate for demand money to release, said Anno, a victim of the Judge.

The judge also issued trial date very near which harmed the people didn’t able to prepare for next date trial and asking money  for day long time,  Anno, more said.

Recently, the judge extorted 1000,000 kyat from Kiasar, a youth from Shwe Zarr village tract for quarrel case –Act 324, said a relative of Kiasar.

The judge is taking advantage recent situation  where the Law and order was not favor  to Rohingya community in Maungdaw and no one take any action against him for his misusing of law and power, said an elder from Maungdaw.

The Maungdaw high level officers – U Aung Myint Soe, the district admin officer and U Kyi San, the Township admin officer- are also using their power to harass and ill treatment the Rohingya community under their post, the elder added.

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