Bangladesh Coast Guard rescues 200 boat-people

Teknaf Bangladesh: Members of Bangladesh Coast Guard rescued 200 boat-people from near St Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar while they were being trafficked to Malaysia, according to Arif Hussainm, stationed Commander of Coast Guard in Saint Martin Island.
“Besides that they detained 11 staff of two cargo trawlers carrying the boat-people or fortune seekers.”

Acting on a tip-off, a coast guard team intercepted the two cargo trawlers around 5:00am today, and rescued the 200 people including a number of Rohingyas, the station commander said.

The arrested boat-people will be handed over to Taknaf Police Station, he added.

A villager from Shapuri Dip said, “Rohingya people infiltrate Burma- Bangladesh border sporadically for the cause of Du Chee Ya Tan ( Kilia Dong) village violence for taking refuge in Bangladesh.”

Since 1989, the Rohingya have been facing arson attack, arbitrarily arrest, acute torture in detention centers unto death, displacement, disappearance, and have to flee or are expelled from their own homes into uncertain destinations, said a politician from the locality.

The ongoing state-sponsored silent Rohingya massacre is a catastrophe not only for Rohingya but also for the humanity at large. Rohingya people, who are internationally recognized as one of the most persecuted victims, are cold-bloodedly mistreated by their sister-community Rakhine backed by the central government, he more added.

According to sources, about 2,000 people became boat-people and fled to neighboring countries from Arakan State since violence has been broken out in June 2012 to search better life and security.

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