Rakhine set to fire Gawdusara village in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rakhine from Natala village set on fire Gawdusara east village today at about 00:30am (midnight), said Hamidul Haque, an elder from Maungdaw south.

The fire burned down two houses – wooden big houses- with together all belongings, Haque more said.

The house owners are Gafor and Abdul Razak, both are father and son, Haque more added.

The houses are situated south side of Gawdusara east village, which is near the paddy field and near the Natala village and east of the Maungdaw-Alay Than Kyaw highway, on the line of recent killing field of Du Chee Ya Tan village, said a village admin office member who denied to be named.

The authority didn’t took any action for the fire but claimed that the houses were burned for careless, said the member.

But, the villagers who were eyewitness said the fire was set by Mogh and when they villagers rushed to the spot, the Mogh run away from the area into mountain side, said Anno, a young man from the village.

Besides, the district police chief Lt.Col Shwe Thein and his troop went Pa Dinn ( Fa Tan Zarr) and raided the house of Abdul Rahim yesterday where the police personnel harassed and attempt to rape the female for searching the Rahim. The police force took two females from Rahim’s house to Maungdaw. The females were took to Maungdaw by motorbikes. The police said Rahim was involved in the event of Du Chee Ya Tan.  The authority need Abdul Rahim, not the family members, said Halim, the human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

“Why the authority arrested the females of Rahim’s house and the allegation is only for Rahim.”

The allegation was made by some collaborators to the authority that Rahim was involved, watchdog said.

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