Rakhine strangers pour to Maungdaw Township

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Many unknown Rakhine new faces have been pouring to Maungdaw Township after Du Chee Ya Tan (Kila Dong) village event to create another problem between Rakhine and Rohingya communities, said Masood (not real name) from the locality.
“After the Kila Dong event, many unknown Rakhine people have been seen in Rakhine villages of Maungdaw Township. Why they are coming to Maungdaw Township. Rohingya villagers believe that another problem will be created in Maungdaw Township. Some members of 969 groups are also seen in every Rakhine villages in Maungdaw Township.”

According to village Administrator of Du Chee Ya Tan village Tract U Aung Zan Phyu— many Rakhines from other parts of Arakan State had already been in Maungdaw Township, so, he asked the Kila Dong villagers not to live in the village. “If the unknown Rakhines attack the (Muslim villagers), I will not take responsibility of this.”

As a result, people fled to neighboring villages that came again to their original village to live. They are facing acute difficulties in the neighboring villages— for staying, food, and sanitation, said a villager who denied to be named.

In future, the Rakhine community will create another problem between Rohinya and Rakhine communities with the help of local concerned authorities—police, Hluntin and army, he more added.

Despite the international pressure to Burmese government and Rakhine people, they will not care of this saying that “It is our internal problem, not concern to international community.”

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