Set fire to Du Chee Ya Tan, loots belongings

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Du Chee Ya Tan (Kila Dong) was set on fire yesterday night at about 8:30 pm, nobody knows how it burned, said Annis from the village.
But, the security forces who stationed in the village, were near the fire spot and not allowing neighboring Rohingya villagers to enter the village to extinguish the fire, Annis added.

The fire started 8:30 pm at night in Kila Dong west village near the Maungdaw- Alay Than Kyaw highway road and Northside from Paddy field. The fire started on the third row of houses from the highway, Annis more added.

At least 20 houses were burned down to ashes on the blaze and the Kila Dong west villagers’ belongings were taking by Khayraymine Rakhine Natala villagers, said an eyewitness, who deny to be name.

The district police officer Lt.Col. Shwe Than dropped the Kharaymine Rakhine Natala villagers with looted Kila Dong west villagers’ belongings to their Natala village while fire broke out the village, with district police vehicle, the eyewitness said.

The security forces were not allowed the neighboring villagers to enter the Kila Dong west village to extinguish the fire, the security forces inside village didn’t do anything to stop the fire and Rakhine looted the villagers’ belongings which may allow by the security forces. All those happening yesterday night blaze indicated that the fire was planned way set on fire, said Halim, the Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

But, Maungdaw Township Administration officer U Kyi San said to the media only 16 houses were burned down and no one come to the spot to extinguish the fire and no security forces chased any villagers. Authority is going to investigate how the fire started, the watchdog said.

In reality, authority restrict the Rohingya villagers to enter the village now to the burned area and it was watched by security forces, the watchdog more added.

On January 28, the Alodawpay Sayradaw was busied hole day visiting Maungdaw high official offices and the Burmese government also giving  a press conference in Rangoon where the government rejected the allegation by UN, US , UK embassies and other international media  which mention 48 Rohingya (Du Chee Ya Tan villagers) was killed in the recent event on January 13  night and so on. On night of this day – January 28, the Du Chee Ya Tan was set on fire and Rakhine looted the villagers’ belongings, said Haroon, a school teacher from Maungdaw.

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