Du Chee Ya Tan’s looted goods sell in Maungdaw market

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The looted goods from Du Chee Ya Tan (Kila Dong) are selling In Maungdaw market- central market, Three miles market and six mile market- since January 25, said Mohamed Harrass, a trader from Maungdaw central market.
The Kila Dong’s looted goods especially the foods items are carrying by tri-wheelers or motorbikes by Rakhine community from Kharaymine village every day, Harrass said.

The Kila Bong’s goods were sold at first in the six mile market, than to three miles market. When the villagers and people become to know that the goods were looted from Kila Dong village by Rakhine villagers with the help of security forces when the security forces surrounded the village. The people stopped to buy the goods, then the Rakhine move to Maungdaw central market, said Habib, a school teacher from Maungdaw south.

The Rakhine from Khayraymine village are selling 50 kgs of rice bag in the market at the price of 10,000 kyat where the local rate is 16,000kyat. The Rakhine want to sell all goods which they looted from Kila Dong to show no proof to concerned person, the Habib said.
There is a security force led by Sub-Inspector Aung Kyaw Htey from Maungdaw district police. He was on duty since January 13, might night to now. He is giving priority to Kharaymine Rakhine villagers to take all belongings of Kila Dong’s Rohingya villagers while he was taking security in charged, said a village admin office member from Maungdaw south.

Sub-Inspector Aung Kyaw Htey know everything where the looted goods are kept by Rakhine and he has the right to protect the village from destroyed, but he joined with Rakhine community and  taking share from selling goods, the members said.

The ruling USDP members are trying to organize the villagers to stay in the village, but the villagers are asking for their lives security and no arrest. They villagers are also demanding their proprieties- now they have nothings in their hand to stay in the village, even cooking  pot and rice, no clothes and house hold items, said Kalabanu, a mother of four children  from the village.

“I will stay with my kids for my husband in the village who was missing , but I need security of my family,” Kalabanu asked theUSDP members who organized to stay in the village.

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