Separates Rakhine village from Rohingya village tract

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Maungdaw Township Administration officer has separated Rakhine village from Rohingya village tract in Maungdaw Township since January 20, said a village admin, who denied to be named. “Last year, Village Admin elections, in Maungdaw Township, most of the Village Administration officers were appointed from Rakine village and the Village Second Admin officers were from Rohingya village where Rakhine village is attached in a Rohingya village tract. “

Suddenly, after the event of Kilai Dong village of Maungdaw south on January 13, the Maungdaw Township Administration officer separately appointed Village Administration Officers for Rakhine village and Rohingya village, he more added.

For instance, in Maung Nama village tract of Maungdaw south, there is only one Rakhine village named Aung Mingala. So, at present, there are two Village Administration officers, one is for Rohingya village and another one is for Rakhine village. Earlier, there was only one Village Administration Officer from Rakhine village for whole Maung Nama Village tract, said another village elder.

However, the Rohingya village Administration officers have to pay Kyat 500,000 per each to the Township officer, said an admin officer.

When asked a village elder regarding the new Administration officers, he said, “Government will never do for us with good intention, this may be for negative purpose.”

Besides, today, a 20-Hluntin group went to Gudusara village and took place in Primary school. This village is nearby Kilai Dong village and yesterday, a meeting was held in the village by concern authorities. In the Meeting, Moulvi Nasir and Noor Mohamed, both of them are from Gudusara village spoke in the meeting regarding the Kilai Dong villagers. Villagers fear about the presence of security force in their village. They believe that security force went there with bad intention said Dolu( not real name) from Gudusara village.

So far, the high level delegation is present in Maungdaw town.  Yesterday till mid-night, the concerned authorities held meeting in Immigration office of Maungdaw Town. In the meeting, they decided that security forces will be present in the village until to get missing Hluntin Sergeant, and will make trouble to the villagers, said a man from Maungdaw Town which is not confirmed.

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