Rohingya need security in Arakan, urgent humanitarian intervention sought

(22 January 2014)


Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) strongly condemns the organized killings with impunity of the Rohingya villagers of Du Chee Yar Tan (Kelaidong) in Maungdaw township of Rakhine/Arakan State in Burma since 13th January 2014.  In continuation of the genocidal onslaughts that occurred and reoccurred against Rohingya from June 2012 killing many hundreds of Muslims and devastating their large settlements in Arakan and other parts of Burma, the Rakhine Buddhists with the security forces are once again carrying out genocide on the Rohingya population in spite of clamours for justice, tolerance and protection. This heinous plot has been masterminded by No.4 Police Battalion chief Col. Than Ko Ko and Maungdaw District administrator U Aung Myint Soe.

On 7th January U Aung Phyu, the village administrator of Du Chee Yar Tan and his accomplices, all of them Buddhists, arrested and looted 8 Rohingya passersby and were later killed with the support of the police. On 13th January when the villagers were alarmed contingents of police, Lon Htin, army and organized Buddhist mobs started systematic killing, rape, destruction and torture against the peaceful-living villagers alleging that a policeman was missing. Since then Du Chee Yar Tan has been confined on all sides by the security forces turning the village a “killing field”. At least 100 Rohingya villagers– most of them feeble, old men, women and children– are believed to have been killed and many more missing,. All their properties, food grains and cattle were looted and carried away. Even young children were removed from their mothers.

The dead bodies have been destroyed leaving no trace of evidence, and the government lied when it’s Deputy Information Minister Ye Htut denied any information about killing on the sideline of ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Burma’s ancient city of Pagan. It is a shame that Burma/Myanmar takes the chair of ASEAN and rejects with stubborn resistance to discuss the Rohingya issue for solution with the ASEAN friends. Instead, it is exacerbating a serious, deadly situation in Arakan promoting genocide on Rohingya population. It is worried that more such attacks have been planned.

Experts in international law have warned that all 8 stages of genocide are in play in the case of Rohingya. The civil-military hybrid government of Thein Sein is fully responsible for allowing such a former Yugoslavia-like genocide. We, therefore:

1.    Demand Burmese government to end forthwith all killings and violence in Du Chee Yar Tan and other Rohingya areas, released all men, women and children seized and arrested, and allow all displaced people to get into their homes with full security.

2.    Request to form a UN commission of inquiry into Du Chee Yar Tan massacre and all other genocidal onslaughts for true findings and to bring the perpetrators to the book.

3.    Request international community for urgent humanitarian intervention in order to prevent further deaths and destruction and to save the life, property, honour and dignity of Rohingya where the government is the perpetrator.

For more information, please contact;

Nurul Islam: + 44-7947854652
Habibur Rahman: +8801817012919

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