Authority remove security forces and Rakhine from Kila Dong before inquiry commission visit

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level authority –  U Aung Myint Soe, district administration officer, U kyi san, Township administration officer, Lt.Col. U Shwe Than, district police officer and Colonel Tin Ko Ko, Hluntin director- had removed today evening the security forces and Rakhine – Natala villagers- who were surrounding Kila Dong (Du Cheeradong) before the inquiry commission visit the village, said an officer from Maungdaw who denied to name.The Maungdaw high level officers with Master Jangir (Aung Myo Min) – member of Region and state Parliment, Yousuf-Block # 2, admin officer- and Mawzullah went to the Maungdaw south-Kila Dong- and ordered the security forces and Rakhine Natala villager to withdraw their position from Kila Dong. Then U Aung Myo Min and other two Rohingya organized 30 Rohingya villagers from Gawdusara village and kept in the village of Kila Dong as the villagers of Kila Dong to meet the inquiry commission, the officer more added.
The inquiry commission had arrived today evening at Maungdaw who had come from Nay Pay daw, the officer said.

The inquiry commission will visit tomorrow morning at 9:00am to Kila Dong to meet the villagers to investigate the situation and event since January 13 to till now. The inquiry commission come to see the real facts – what happen in the village, how many people killed, missing and what happen the so called missing police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein- from the villagers, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

The commission will meet the real villagers or fake villagers who are keeping in the village by Maungdaw high level authority. The commission will allow the real villagers who are from Kila Dong when the visit the village and the real villagers try to meet them, said the watchdog.

The Arakan State chief minister had visited the village – Kila Dong- and villagers asked what will happen for their future if the so-called missing sergeant will not find. The villagers asked to stay in their village, but the Chief Minister didn’t give any answered to them, the watchdog said.

After visiting the commission, the villagers will able to stay in their destroyed village- no homes, no foods grain. The commission will grant the rights of villagers – to stay inside the village, their lives security, foods and others, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

Let see, what will happen to those villagers who are now unfortunate for their lives, the teacher said.

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