101- Bangladeshi languishes in Sittwe Jail

Maugdaw, Arakan State:  101 Bangladeshi have been languishing jail in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, since one and half years ago, according to a letter sent by Anwar Hussain, who lives in Hasimpur village in Chittagong.  “A group of 114-Bangladeshi boat-people was arrested by Burmese naval force from the Bay of Bengal while we were going to Malaysia by boat from Saint-Martin Islands of Bangladesh.”

“One and half years ago, we were loaded in a boat nearby Saint Martin Islands and were starting to go to Malaysia. However, on the way to Malaysia, the engine of the boat gave trouble so it was floating in the sea. After 4-day later, we were caught by Burmese Naval force in the sea and brought to Sittwe, Arakan State,” said Anwar Hussain, from Sittwe jail sending letter to his relatives in Bangladesh.

After 13 days later, the court of Sittwe sentenced to us 5 years jail to everyone, except 13 persons. They were released and sent to Bangladesh.  So far, the remaining 101 arrestees have been languishing in Sittwe jail, Hussain more added.

Relatives of Anwar Hussain requested to concerned authorities of Bangladesh for trying to release the prisoners who had been in Sittwe jail.

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