High level delegation visits Gudusara village, Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A high level delegation led by Arakan State Chief Minister U Hla Maung Tin went to Gudusara village nearby Kilai Dong village  today and held a meeting in school of Gudusara  with inviting Rohingya villagers including women who fled from Kilai Dong village and neighbors, said a villager who participate in the meeting.  The members of the delegation went to village at about 2: 00 pm with 12 cars from Maungdaw Town.

After arrival, they held a meeting inviting Rohingya men and women from nearby villages and especially women from Kilai Dong village.

Some villagers said, more than 200 female head to the delegation to inform their situation, but the security forces stopped the group of female to head to the delegation. Later, the group was leased to meet the delegation, said a school teacher from Maungdaw south.

In the meeting, minister of border affairs, three foreigners including one female, Master Jahingir, the state parliament member of Arakan State, Dr. Boshir, the USDP member of Buthidaung and Mohamed Rofique of Buthidaung participated in the meeting, the participant said.

The concerned authority asked the villagers especially from women participants about the event of Kilai Dong village that was occurred on January 13, at night. Regarding this some women said, “We hear the sounds of gun fired and later we know many villagers have been killed including man, women and children. Our properties were also looted. We don’t know a police Sergeant was killed. Now, we are living out of the village, especially in paddy field under the open sky, said,” Dalu (not real name), another villager who also attended the meeting.

Another woman said, “On that day, many villagers had been killed and some were forcibly loaded on four trucks after beating severely and brought to Maungdaw police station. But, later, one truck of women and children returned to other neighboring village, not to original village, and the remaining three trucks of male and female villagers’ location is not known to villagers. We do not know how many people were dead.”

The delegation returned to Maungdaw Town at around 5:00 pm and will stay to night there. Tomorrow, they will release a press release, it is learnt.

After arrival at Maungdaw from Maungdaw south, they held another meeting at District Administration office by inviting officers of all departments of Maungdaw Township. It was completed at about 6:30 pm. After that they have another meeting at Township Administration office, said a man from Maungdaw Town.

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