Government tries to wipe out evidence from Kila Dong village

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The government is trying to wipe out evidence of killing of Rohingya people and looting their properties from Kila Dong village of Maungdaw Township, Dawlai ( not real name) from the locality.
Since 14 January, Rohingya villagers including men, women and children have been killing by security forces (police, Hluntin and army) and Rakhine extremists. The dead bodies are being moved to the eastern side of the village nearby Rakhine village to conceal the dead bodies, according to a villager Abu (not real name).

However, the exact figure of dead bodies is not known to public because of villagers or UN concerned body was not allowed to oversee the situation. But many villagers of Kilai Dong village and the neighboring villagers estimated that nearly (400) people—mostly women, children— have been killed and missing by shooting of security forces and by killing of local Rakhines.

Some of the Rakine villagers of Tin Taw Rakhine village—U Ba Kyaw, U Aung Tha Pru, U Aung Bala, U Maung Sein Hla, one Buddhist monk and other Rakhine villagers were moving the dead bodies of Rohingya people from Kila Dong village and buried in the forest, said a Rohingya man when he was hiding in a stream in the forest.

Besides, on January 20, Rakhine villagers were taking away bamboo mattings and timber planks from the village in front of the security forces while the villagers are barred from entering the village. However, the concerned authorities are frequently holding meeting with villagers and asked them to hand over the dead body of Sergeant U Aung Kyaw Thein and his gun. Until and unless, villagers hand over the dead body and gun to the authority, villagers will not be allowed to go back to their village, said a villager who attended the meeting.

Moreover, on January 19, at about 11:00 pm, a Rakhine group went to the Bukar Gona (Rohingya village) nearby Maungdaw 3-mile Tarm Bagan (a garden like mango tree) with a Rakhine dead body and tried to throw it near the Rohingya village, but villagers saw it and protect them to do so. Regarding this, the village Admin of Italia village tract informed the event to the Township Administration officer. So, the Rakhine villagers failed to create a problem with the Rohingya villagers, said a villager from the village preferring not to be named.

In this way, Rakhine villagers with the help of concerned authority have been trying to throw Rakhine dead body to Wabeg village of Maungdaw north and other villages of Maungdaw south. The dead body was natural death. They were to do that as to create problem between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhist Rakhines, said a trader Mg Mg (not real name) from the village.
Further, on January 18, at about 10 pm, approximately 50 Mru villagers along with long swords went to a Rohingya village named Kawliza Banga ( Butkar Gonena Village tract) of Maungdaw south to attack it. But it was known to Rohingya villagers in in advance, so it was informed to the Township Administration officer by local Admin officer. As a result, it was timely halted by the security forces, according to a local elder who denied to be named.

After the event of Kila Dong village, frequently some of the Rakhine villagers and some unknown faces went to Aung Mingala ( Kasim Raja Tongi) hill top, the northern side of the Maungdaw Town  to pay worship  to the Pagoda and to observe the situation of the Rohingya village tracts— especially Pawet Chaung village, Maung Nama village and Kawar Bill village tracts. Villagers believe that Rakhine villagers want to create more problems in the said village tracts. Therefore, villagers are passing their nights in with fear, said a retired schoolteacher from the locality.

Buddhist monk Sayadaw Wirathu from Mandalay, who formed the “969” movement, is behind the Buddhist terrorist gang’s constant efforts and terrorizing Rohingyas steadily. State has plans to create more violence in Arakan, rapidly.

President Thein Sein government has been using legal method to create violence. All the securities forces are controlled by the central Government, which has been ignoring the reality because it is State sponsored genocidal plan against the Rohingya community, sources said.

Accusing Rohingya villagers of killing a Rakhine police officer and hiding his weapon on January 13-14, Rakhine villagers and security forces have been killing villagers (men, women even baby), according to villagers.

If International Investigation team comes to the spot, they will see how the security forces and Rakhine extremists crushed Rohingyas and destroying their properties, before wiping out all evidence of Kilai Dong. Government knows very well how to wipe out all evidence by threatening people, said a business man from Maungdaw Town.

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