If we held the female, no need to do this: The Hluntin director

Maungdaw, Arakan State: “If we held the female of Kila Dong (Du Cheeradan), no need to wait here for the gun, said Maungdaw Hluntin director Colonel Than Ko Ko at the meeting which held today evening with villagers of Kila Dong neighboring villages,” said Kamal who attend the meeting.
In the meeting, Hluntin director, Colonel Than Ko Ko, Maungdaw district Police officer Lt.Col. Shwe Than, Maungdaw civilian officers and Rohingya leaders with around 70 villagers join the meeting held at Sarkunborr Primary School today evening at 3:30pm and finished at 4:30, Kamal said.

The Rohingya leaders are the collaborators of authority –Yousuf, the Block # 2, admin officer and two religious leaders-  who tried to convince the villagers to support the authority to find the so-called missing sergeant Aung Kyaw Than and his gun, Kamal more said.

The Hluntin director said to the Rohingya villagers to respect the speech of religious leader and help them to find the so-called missing sergeant and his gun and he also said if we held the female of Kila Dong, we have no need to stay here for this gun.

No need to stay without village, just cooperate us, we will help you to stay same before, otherwise the situation will more worsen, the director.

But, on the other hand, the security officers ordered to his forces to search the villages near the Kila Dong which made the villagers in panic for fear of arrest and didn’t stay in the villages which made more risk for female, said Hanan from the sarkunborr.

If he real want peacefully to stay both community –Mogh and Rohingya –together, he must allow the Rohingya leaders who come to convince for him, to see inside the Kila Dong village, Hanan said. “He never allow anyone as the village was damaged and nothings inside the village.”

Similarly, the security force round up the village tract of Aytahliya (Italia) and search one house by one for searching the villagers of Kila Dong and so-called missing sergeant and his gun as some female of Kila Dong village were  married with Italia villagers yesterday night, said  Anwer, an elder from the village tract.

U Shwe Maung, a Rohingya, the Pyithu Hlutaw Representative, Buthidaung Township for the USDP, said on his Facebook, he will fight for his community through the law which he referred to the constitution of Burma as mention, “Nobody is Above the Law”.

He also mention at his Facebook that he received five dead bodies’ photos which were stabbed by knives. He is trying to collect more information and will submit to the Parliament house.
UN officials from Maungdaw, did not do any things for Rohingya who are now homeless and staying in the open sky. The UN has the rights to protect the victims and need to call international to help this poor Rohingya villagers of Kila Dong. The UN officials only one time went to the village to see the situation, but the authority did not allow them to enter as there was so many dead bodies lying inside the village, said a school teacher, who didn’t want to be named.

The Mogh can move everywhere in the areas, but Rohingya can’t able to go to take a little foods for their children from their home.  Yesterday, two female went to Kila Dong from Gawdusara by crossing the paddy field, the two female met the security forces, one was able to escape, but another one was arrested by forces. That female was not know where about now. The villagers only said the female was taking to the officer where the officers stationed –inside the mosque – since they control the village, teacher said.

The spokesman for Burma’s President Thein Sein,U Ye Htut and the Rakhine state spokesman Win Myaing denied the reports of Rohingya killings of western media – AP and Deutsch Press Agentur, but his security force didn’t allow international NGOs-UNHCR, UN- to enter the village, the teacher more added.

The United States said on January 17, it was “deeply troubled” by a new wave of unrest in western Myanmar which has left several people dead, and warned security forces against “excessive force. “We are deeply troubled by reports of violence in the Rakhine state,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“We’re saddened to hear reports that several people have been killed, many injured, at least one missing and hundreds of civilians displaced in violence that included looting and destruction of homes and property,” the spokeswoman said.

The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation- OIC-, Iyad Ameen Madani, expressed deep concern regarding the recent events of Du Chreedan (Kila Dong) on 14th January, 2014 in which looting, raping and killing of Rohingya Muslim civilian citizens in southern Maungdaw, Rakhine State, according to OIC website.

The Secretary General urged the government of Myanmar to follow to the framework it agreed to, to enforce the rule of law and to keep it’s assurances to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Secretary General also called on the political leaders of Myanmar, especially those who claim the high moral ground, to exercise their influence for the sake of peace, tolerance and community reconciliation.

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