Police extorts one million kyat from a Rohingya family in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Police personnel from Maungdaw police station extorted one million kyat from a Rohingya family for not finding son-in-law in Gawdusara villager which is near Ducheeradan (Kila Dong) village –recently security forces and Rakhine destroyed- today morning, said Hla Min, a teacher  from Maungdaw.
The police personnel who are stationed in Du Cheeradan village as security searched the house of Annis the son-in-law of former Military intelligence collaborator Shawbir, but they didn’t found Annis in his house of Gawdusara village, then the police went to the house of Shawbir  in Block #1 where the police again searched Annis , but the fail. After that police arrested Shawbir and his daughter –the wife of Annis- yesterday morning at about 6:00am, said Hla Min.

The police didn’t give any information, why the police want the Annis , said Kalam , a relative of Annis.

The police released Shawbir and his daughter today morning at 9:00am after taking one million kyat, Kalam said.

The police are now looking Rohingya who can able to pay money, the police allege to that Rohingya and extorting money from them, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

Similarly, security forces forcefully entered into Sultan, son of Ali Hussin’s house after breaking the door in Gawdusara village, yesterday evening at 5:00pm where the security forces took all the valuable goods – money, gold and other foods grain.  After looting all goods, the police took a picture of the house, said a village admin member, who deny to name.

The situation of the areas- Kila Dong, Gawdusara, Bagonena and other villages- Rohingyas become panic for fear of arrest by security forces with false allegations, the member said.

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