Security forces arrest Rohingyas in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Security forces – Police, Hluntin and Army- arrested four Rohingyas from Gawdusara village near Kila Dong village which was destroyed recently by Rakhine community with the help of security forces, on January 17, at about 3:00am, said Hamid Husson from Maungdaw south.
The security forces  surrounded the village – Gawdusara – after Maungdaw high level authority officers and Kila Dong village administration officer and members ( especially Sayeim gone –Ten houses leaders) at Gawdusara village school yesterday evening at 4:00pm, Hamid said.

The Maungdaw officers took sign from Village administration members on Blank paper to inform the detail list of Rohingyas who involved on 13 January night event. The officers also asked to find out the missing sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein and his gun, said a members of village admin office.

The missing sergeant was an allegation as we had no information the missing, said the member.

All the villagers of Gawdusara and Kila Dong hope , some output will come out, some solution about the problem and Rohingya villagers of Kila Dong will return to their village which was totally  damaged by Rakhine  from Kharaymine Natala village with the help of security forces, said the member said.

But, at night the security forces surrounded the Gawdusara village and searched the house one by one. The security forces arrested Malana Hanan, son of Malana Sultan; Hafaz Nur Huda, son of Lal Mohamed; Fazal Ahmed, son of Ali Hussin and Jamal Husson, son of Kabirlal Husson, said Anu from the Village.

The security forces did not give any allegation, just arrested them and took to the Maungdaw police station, Anu said.

The security forces are surrounding the Gawdusara village today also and the villagers become afraid for round up their village, said an elder who deny his named.

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