Authority restricts to enter Kila Dong to hide Rohingya dead bodies

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level authority ordered to security forces, not to allow anybody to enter Kila Dong (Du Cheeradan) and keeping tight security around the village, said Maung Ni from Maungdaw.
The authority are trying to hide the dead bodies of Rohingya villagers which the army open fired to villager at the night of January 13, said Maung Ni.

The army killed more than 10 Rohingya villagers while they open fired ten minutes to Kila Dong village after getting information from Police personnel. The army are stationed in Kharaymine  Natala village’s monastery to control the area, said Hamid, from Kila Dong.

The security forces surrounded the village and most of the villagers fled from the village while army open fired to the village. Only those, who – elder, female and children – had lived in the village and it is likely the village was under control of security forces, Hamid said.

The west side of Kila Dong village was as usual before , thinking the problem was happen in the east and authority will not harm them, Hamid also said.

On 14 January, morning,  Maungdaw High officials – Township admin officer U Kyi San, District admin officer U Aung Myint Soe, Police district officer and Hluntin director –  with Master Jangir – State Parliament member, Yousuf – # 2 block admin officer and AzimUllah  went to the Kila Dong village to convince villagers to hand over the missing Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein and his gun. The official only entered the Kila Dong west and didn’t allow Rohingya delegates to enter Kila Dong East where the dead bodies of Rohingya were laying. Then they group returned to Maungdaw in the noon without any improve, said an official from Maungdaw.

At night of 14 January, Rakhines from Kharaymine, hluntin, police and army entered Kila Dong west and killed most of villagers who are peacefully staying in the village with knives and sticks where the nearby villagers only heard the screamed of villagers-Men, female and children, said Anus, a villagers from the Gawdusara,

When asked to a local villager, he said that nearly 50 villagers had been died including women, girls, boys, children and some elderly men.

Another young villager who secretly entered the village at night yesterday said, “Many dead people—mostly women and children —in the houses and estimates about nearly 100 dead bodies have been lying in the houses.”

The dead bodies were moved to mountain side to hide the dead bodies yesterday night, said some young people who enter the village to see the situation.
“Now the situation is very tense, hundreds of security forces are stationed still in Du Char Yar Tan village,” Shwe Maung , People Parliament who represents Buthidaung Township for the USDP.

“A lot of people are missing which the Rohingya community think, they are dead and now so may Rohingya are missing in the Kila Dong Village,” Shwe Maung said.

Deputy Information Minister Ye Htut and Rakhine state spokesman Win Myaing denied the reports of Rohingya killings. But, saying that police had surrounded the village because they were looking for the policeman who went missing.

This allegation was denied by the villagers of Du Cheeradan and it is a plan of authority to harass and to flee the Rohingya from their home land before coming census, said a student from Maungdaw.

According to Maungdaw hospital, they had carry out the postmortem of sergeant and security forces took the body, but they don’t know where it destination.

The authority kept this as secret  and we don’t know for what propose, said the staff from the hospital.

We are saddened to hear reports that several people have been killed, many injured, at least one missing, and hundreds of civilians displaced in violence that included looting and destruction of homes and property in Du Chee Yar Tan village, according to joint press statement of The United State and UK embassies of Rangoon issued on 17 January.

The statement said it strongly condemn such acts of violence, which negatively impact all inhabitants of Rakhine State and urged the authorities to thoroughly investigate and hold accountable those responsible for the violence, whether civilian or security personnel.

The Union government and local authorities to take urgent, concrete steps to address security, rule of law, justice, humanitarian access, and reconciliation in Rakhine State to stem the sources of ongoing tension, and create conditions for the State’s sustainable peace and development, stated in the statement.

The authority ordered the security forces to check all the villages near Kila Dong whether Kila Dong villagers are staying in the villages and the Township administrator officer U Kyi San said to the villagers not to give shelter to the villagers of Kilai Dong.  If anyone is met not follow the order, he will be punished six years to ten years imprisonment, according to Yousuf, – the admin officer of Block # 2 – who went to Kila Dong with Township admin officer.

As a result, other neighboring villagers do not accept the villagers of KIlai Dong, so the villagers are facing acute difficulties and problems with their children and family members in winter season. Now, they are living in the paddy fields in open sky, said a trader from Shaira Para on condition of anonymity.

There are about 380 houses in Kilai Daong east village, and there is nothing left in the house. All things—such as cattle, goats, rice, paddy, chili, clothes and cloths, blankets, pots and others were taken away by the Rakhine villagers. What can we do in future, said a village elder with great disappointment.

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