Security forces still hunting villagers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese security forces—police, Hluntin and army— are still hunting and committing serious human rights abuses against the Rohingya villagers of Kila Dong East village of Maungdaw south  since yesterday, said Malik (not real name), a village elder of Kilai Dong.
“They also deliberate targeting of civilians— arbitrary killing, detention, torture, injures, looting, destruction of properties and houses of Rohingyas. Nobody is allowed to enter the village. At least 100 houses and one mosque have been destroyed and the entire paddy, rice, grains and other valuable goods had been taken away by the Rakhine villagers,” Malik said.

Some dead or slaughtered bodies of women, girls and children have been found in the houses of the village. It is very difficult to confirm what is happening inside the village as the villagers are not allowed to enter their village.  Most of the male villagers fled from the village to avoid arrest and harassment and some of the villagers are missing from the village, according to a villager who secretly enter the village at night.

Two females and one child dead bodies were laying insides the the house of Nazir Ahmed house and one female was laying inside the house of Mohamed Salam. One male dead body was founded near the south side of school where there is a garbage, the village said. “We are unable to take the dead bodies as village was so tight security.”

11  Rohingya children are seen inside the Rakhine (Natala) village who are kept by the village admin officer and we don’t know when the officer hand over them, said a relative of one child from the village who saw the boy.

The authority called all the Du Cheeradan village administration officer and it members especially Sayein Gone (Ten house leaders). The authority held meeting with them at Gawdusara School today evening and hope authority will allow us tomorrow to enter the village, said Lalu Meah from the Kila Dong.

“If we entered the village, we will know how many people missing  from which family and dead persons,” Lalu said.

The TOC (Tactical Operation Commander) of Buthidaung Town, and the Director of People police Headquarters of Kawarbill of Maungdaw north, visited the village on January 14 to see overall situation and to give directions to the concerned authorities what are the next steps, according to an officer who deny to name.

Why the authorities do deliberately doing such kinds of event against the Rohingya villagers? Some people believe that the authority just want to divert people’s minds from the fact that they recently seized many arms and ammunitions of destruction at a Rakhine Buddhist monastery at Myoma Kayindan village of Maungdaw Town, said a local youth on condition of anonymity.

Some villagers said that the authorities concerned have been trying to find clue to destroy the village since the violence of June 2012. But, they successfully created the event of January 13, night. The authorities always try to find faults against the Rohingya people. The local authorities are encouraged by the state government and central government authorities, especially from President Thein Sein, though the president vowed that his government would do everything it can to protect the rights of minority Muslims, a businessman from inside Arakan said, who denied to be named.

Some of the villagers including women, girls, children and elderly people are taking shelter nearby villages of Shaira Para and Boddil Para where host villagers feeding them. However, the government authority announced that not to give shelter to the villagers of Kilia Dong east.

The Hluntin increased check-posts in strategically areas and nearby bridges to check the Rohingya passengers and villagers. When the security forces meet the villagers of Kilai Dong east village, they are arrested and other villagers are set free.

Nobody knows how many villagers got arrested or died and the villagers are passing their days and nights with acute difficulties in winter season. Village elders urged to international community to give them protection, said a trader from the locality.

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