Security force roundup Rohingya village, Rakhine loot belongings

Maungdaw, Arakan State: More than 1000 security force – Police, Hluntin and army – rounded up a Rohingya village –Kila Dong (Du Chee Yar Tan)- today morning at about 9:00am and the Natala (Rakhine) villager are looting Rohingya villagers’ belongings,  said  Abdul, a villager from Kila Dong village.
The security force station on Maungdaw- Alay Than Kyaw highway from Bagona village to Kila Dong village. Most of the security force station on the highway under the roadside big threes. Rohingya who ever come from the east side of the highway of the road were arrested, so Rohingya villagers are living their villages, Abdul said.

The nearby Natala (Rakhine) villagers are looting Rohingya belongings from Kila Dong village while security force arrested old Rohingya villagers, female and children who are not able to escape from the village and load into three trucks and sent to the Maungdaw Police station, Abdul more added.

Eight Police personnel lead by Aung Kyaw Thein, a sergeant entered Kila Dong village at about 9:30pm on January 13, where they chased a group of young Rohingya villagers who were on duty for watching the village security. The police chased the  young Rohingya villagers who screamed for help, made the villagers to rush to the security outpost. Seeing the villagers, police personnel run from the spot, but later, the police personnel with Rakhine (Natala) villagers came to the village with a massage that the sergeant was missing. There was an argument about missing of the sergeant between two group and police open fired to the villagers. One villagers hit on the hand which was a minor injured, said Kamal, an elder from the village.

The villagers- mostly young and elder male- run away from the village after gun fired and only the elderly old villagers, female and children stay in the village. In the morning of today, security force entered to the village where the security force picked up all the villagers who stay in the village. The security force load the villagers in three trucks and sent to the Maungdaw police station, Kamal said.

The Rakhine (natala) villagers were taking all Rohingya belongings and took to Rakhine villages while the village was under security force, Kamal said.

Maungdaw local said, three trucks with load of Rohingya arrived to the Maungdaw Police station.

The situation of the Maungdaw south become unrest and villagers are worrying for their lives and their belongings.

Most of the security force commanders and high level officers are on the road to find the missing sergeant.The Rohingya villagers said they don’t know about the missing sergeant but, authority accused to the villagers of Kila Dong. Nobody know what will happen in the future. Only one things become to the Rohingya mind is, “There will be arrest and harass to the Rohingya villagers,” said a village admin officer who didn’t want to be named.

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