Office clerk attacks admin officer in Maungdaw township administration office

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  An office clerk from Maungdaw township administration office attacked with screwdriver his head officer –Township administration officer- U Kyi San today at about 4:00pm, according to Maung Hla Sein from Maungdaw. U San Shwe- the office clerk who is the representative for Kila Dong (Do Cheeradan) village, was angry for not giving his share which was only used by U Kyi San. He tried to get his share, but U Kyi san didn’t want to give his share, Maung Hla Sein said.

U San Shwe again tried to get his share today, but U Kyi San left his office with saying anything to U San Shwe. So, U San Shwe took a screwdriver and went to his residence which is western side of office compound, said another office staff who deny his named.

U San Shwe met U Kyi San in his residence where U San Shwe tried to kill U Kyi San with screwdriver. U Kyi San ran out from his residence and round his residence more than five times as he tried to escape from U Sam Shwe’s attacked. Later, some office staffs of Township administration office and Land survey office entered between U Kyi San and U San Shwe to divide the two officers. An office staff was hit during the divided.  He was sent to the hospital for treatment, said the officer.

The local from Maungdaw who were witnesses said the office staff and officer were seen longtime problem which didn’t able to solve. So, they were fighting.

Some local said may be the fighting was based on the event which occurred today in Kila Dong, as U San Shwe is the in charge of the village.

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