Arrested villagers divide into two groups

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The authority divided the arrested Kila Dong villagers into two groups today about 3:00pm, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog said.
The divided villagers are from Kila Dong who were brought to Maungdaw Police station today afternoon with three trucks for missing a police officer –Sergeant U Aung Kyaw Thein. Authority divided them into two groups – one only female and another one is only male, the Watchdog said.

The authority said there are no space for all arrested villagers in Maungdaw police station. So, the police will send the female group to the Buthidaung jail. The male will keep in Maungdaw police station.

The authority declared the plan to the officer at 3:00pm and load all the female – young girls, pregnant women and old women. All the children are also with their mothers or sisters, said Sadek, a school teacher from Maungdaw.

The male are still kept in Maungdaw police custody where they were tortured to convince that they killed missing sergeant – Aung Kyaw thein . But, the Rohingya villagers denied the allegation, the teacher said.

In the arrested villagers, there are 30 villagers from Gawdu Tharya village who were tried to cross the highway for kitchenware from market, said Hamid, a shopkeeper from Maungdaw south.

The Rakhine (Natala) villagers near the Kila Dong village are taking all the belongings of Rohingya. The Rakhines took the animals and food grain in front of security force. The Rakhines atarted looting goods from kila Dong since morning when security force arrested the villagers.  The villagers are worrying the Rakhine will set on fire the village tonight, said Hamid.

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