Security forces seize arms, ammunition and drugs in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security forces seized arms, ammunition and drugs –Yaba tablets- from U Nyo Thein Maung‘s home on January 4 at about midnight, said a security officer from operation.
The security forces seized seven guns, twenty hand grenades and ten thousand of Yaba tablets from U Nyo Thein Maung’s house while the security forces operated for Yaba tablets, the officer said.

U Nyo Thein Maung is living in Wathali village of Three miles, Maungdaw.

The security forces only received information of Yaba tablets where U Nyo Thein Maung is a drugs dealer, said Maung Nyo ( not real name), an informer of police.

The security forces started interrogation to get the link of arms, ammunition and drugs, but security forces didn’t get any information. The security forces said U Nyo thein Maung is an agent of Rakhine arms group and he is handling the arms for underground Rakhine movement, said an officer who deny to mention his named.

The security forces handed over U Nyo Thein Maung to Maungdaw police station where the security forces are interrogating for arms, said the officer said.

Similarly, another 30,000 Yaba tablets was seized from a Rakhine woman who traveled on a Hilux which owned and drive Kyaw Kyaw Oo , a Rakhine community on January 4 at about 11:00pm, said custom officer from Maungdaw.

The drugs was transport by Hilux from Buthidaung to Maungdaw, said officer.

The woman is a drug carrier and the officer believed the drugs is own by Kyaw Kyaw Oo, but the woman denied to name the owner.

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