Nine Rohingyas missing in Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Nine Rohingya passengers were missing by sinking a boat in Naff River while crossing the Naff River from Zadi Mora Point to Burma yesterday, Lalu Meah, a local fisherman from Teknaf said.

Heavy and squally winds sank a small passenger row boat with 18 Rohingyas who were crossing the Naff River from Jadi Mora entry point of Teknaf, Bangladesh to Burma on December 30 at about 6:30pm, Lalu Meah said.

In the accident, nine Rohingya passengers including children were rescued by some fishermen but other nine Rohingyas have been missing in the Naff River, sources said.

After getting information, the Teknaf Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Battalion No. 42 rushed to the spot and rescued some passengers, but others were not able to rescue by BGB as the situation was very cold and foggy.

However, they will try to rescue the rest missing Rohinya passengers later, BGB sources said.

Some passengers came to Bangladesh for medical treatment and others came to visit their relatives in the refugee camps. After completing their purpose, they returned to Burma through the Jadi Mora entry point, said a local named Kamal.

In July 2013, eight Rohingya passengers died in this area while crossing the Naff River from same entry point of Teknaf by row boat.

A Roingya elder Kolil (not real name) said, “Rohingyas are unlucky people as they were killed by local authorities, Rakhines, Budddhist monks, died in the sea while journey to Malaysia, died in the IDP camps because of lacking of proper treatment and medicines and even died by sinking boats in the Naff River.

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