Handicapped man jailed in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A handicapped man was sentenced to one year jail on December 16, by Maungdaw judge court over allegation that he was irreverent to a Saya Ma Gyi (School Headmistress), according to a close relative named Sharif (not real name) of the victim.

“The victim is identified as Nazir Ahmed (30), son of Noor Ahmed, hailed from Thay Chaung (Balu Khali) village under Phar Wut Chaung village tract of Maungdaw Township.”

Hluntin (riot police) of Aung Mingala camp of Maung Nama village tract of Maungdaw north arrested Nazir Ahmed, a banana seller on November 14 over the allegation that he was washing his face lifting his Longyi in front of a school headmistress.

On that day, at around 12:00, the victim arrived in front of an affiliated Middle School of Maung Nama village with some bananas to sell the students. Being tired, he took rest and he washed his face lifting his Longyi. Meanwhile, the headmistress Daw Khin Nyunt of the said school was coming to school lonely and saw the event of the Nazir Ahmed.

The headmistress believed that the Nazir had insulted her showing his private organ to her. But, really, he did not see her while washing his face. In rural areas, many poor villagers washed their faces with their Longies when they took rest after doing hard works, said a local youth on condition of anonymity.

Everybody in the village gives respect to the headmistress as she supervises the school, However, the headmistress appraised the event to Hluntin or police nearby camp against the Nazir Ahamed that he had insulted her, a local leader said.

Regarding the allegation by the headmistress he was arrest and brought to Aung Mingal police out-post camp of Maungdaw where he was kept in detention center. Later, he was sent to Maungdaw police station.

Within one month of time, he was appeared at court two/ three times and got bail. But, recently, he was called again to the police station and appeared at court of Maungdaw town on December 14. However, the Maungdaw court sentenced him to one year jail for his disrespect of Saya Ma Gyi, according to another relative who went to Maungdaw court.

Local villagers were surprised that how the court decided and sentenced to one year jail to a handicapped and foolish man knowing the real happening, said a local old man who denied to be named.

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