More Methamphetomine tablets smuggled to Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh: MoreMethamphetamine (Yaba) tablets have been smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma but the concerned authorities of Bangladesh are unable to stop smuggling Yaba tablets along the Bangladesh-Burma border, said a local trader from Teknaf border.
“Every day, thousands of Yaba tablets are being smuggled to Bangladesh through the different entry points of Teknaf border town by smugglers. Mostly, Yaba tablets are carried by smugglers on their bodies.”
On December 16, in the morning, on being tipped off, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) of Nayapara outpost under the Teknaf Battalion No. 42 arrested a smuggler with 15,000 pieces of Yaba tablets from border point in raided while being smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma, according to BGB sources.
The smuggler was identified as Mohamed Hashim (22), of Shilbona Para under the Teknaf police station.
On December 10, BGB of Teknaf land port seized 150,000 pieces of Yaba tablets from the north gate of Teknaf land port and arrested two smugglers named Shajed Hossain (22) and Mohamed Jabed Hossain of Teknaf union. The operation was led by the BGB officer Nurul Amin of Dumdum Mea check-post under the Teknaf Battalion No.42.
According to different sources, the godfather of Yaba tablets who transferred to Bangladesh from Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Arakan (Rakhine) state, was arrested from Hotel Naff International by BGB in the evening on December 10 and his name is Maung Maung, hailed from Akyab. During the investigation by police, he claimed that MP Bodi of Teknaf involved in this smuggling of Yaba tablets, according to his statement. But, the MP refused it.
Besides, BGB of Tekanf Battalion No. 42 also arrested a smuggler with 12,600 piece of Yaba tablets from Teknaf union in raided on December 11, 2013.
At present, the Border Guard Bangladesh has imposed more restrictions along the Bangladesh-Burma border because of increasing Yaba smuggling day-by-day, said another trader.
Very rich and powerful people are involved in Yaba smuggling, and the authorities concerned are failed to arrest these people, but small Yaba peddlers were arrested. The big bosses are abated from arresting by paying money to the local authority, said a local elder from Teknaf preferring not to be named.

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