Rohingya fishermen face trouble in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya fishermen in Maungdaw south have been facing trouble since 1st December 2013 as they have not being allowed to go to sea for fishing by the concerned authority, Nuruddin (not real name), a local fisherman from Maungadaw south said. “ On December 3, the police officer of police camp No. 7 held a meeting by calling  village Administration Officers and some fishermen of Aley Than Kyaw and Khonzabill village tracts of Maungdaw south.”

One of the participants in the meeting said on condition of anonymity that the police officer told in the meeting that— any fishing boat is not allowed to go to the sea for fishing without taking permission from the local concerned authority.  If any fishing boat defies to the order, it will be fined more than one million Kyats.

Another participant asked the police officer that what the reason is. Regarding this, the officer answered that— ‘it is the order of from higher authority,’ according to a village Administration officer who denied to be named.

A leader of fisherman named Dawlu (not real name) told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “We the fishermen are not able to go to sea for fishing because of blocking by the concerned authority suddenly. So, it is a great effect to our survival question.”

Earlier, Burma’s border security force ( Nasaka ) were also harassing and disturbing  Rohingya fishermen without giving any reason in Maungdaw south, the leader of fisherman said.

At present, many Rohingya people become jobless and struggling for their livelihood and also the restriction of movement is seriously affecting to the Rohingya people for their earnings, said a politician from Burma-Bangla border.

It is a government’s open-secret policy towards Rohingya people to cripple the earning sources or economics of Rohingya community. A community will be destroyed in future, whenever; all income sources are banned or stopped, the politician continued.

The  Central government, the state government and the  local authorities are not sincere about the Rohingya cause and they did not keep  their promise  although they met NGOs and foreign delegations frequently, he said.

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