Police more arrest Rohingya villagers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A team of police arrested seven Rohingya villagers on November 21, in Maungdaw south, according to a villager, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The arrestees have been identified as— Abdu Salam,30, son of Dola Meah; Ayatullah, 20, son of Abdullah; Zahetullah, 22, son of Nuru Salam; Fetan Ali,25, son of Fazal Ahamed; Yunus,25, son of Kala Hussain; Anuwash,28, Rabiz Ahmed and Md. Salam ,30, son of Abdu Salam. They all hailed from Gorakhali village under the Maungdaw Township.”

At about 9:00 pm, on that day, a group of police personnel from Udaung police out-post of Maungdaw south accompanied by a collaborator named Abdu Sattar went to the Gorakhali village and arrested the aforesaid seven villagers from the pathways while walking on the road nearby their village, according to villagers.

They were arrested over the allegation that they went out from their homes at night. After arrest, they were severely tortured on the spot to see their relatives to get money quickly. Police know that after beating or severe torture to the arrestees, they will get money, said a close relative of the victims preferring not to be named for security reason.

As a result, police or Hluntin arbitrarily arrest Rohingya people in northern Arakan to extort money because of no rule of laws, the relative more added.

The group was led by the police officer Nay Lin Han of the Udaung police out-post camp, under the police area No. 8, the police aide Abdu Sattar.

After arrest, the police officer tried to bring them to their camp, but some of village elders rushed to the spot and took them from the police after getting understanding. However, they were released after paying Kyat 60,000, the police aide said.

If anyone asks me, why the Rohingya people give money to the concerned authorities, though they are innocent, because they have no other alternatives to choose and they will be put in jailed or detained indefinite time accompanied by torture, said a local elder named Zaker (not real name).

Police arrest Rohingyas arbitrary from villages because of money. They know that the villagers are innocent but they want them to push into poverty line to flee the country, said a local youth.

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