Rohingya depopulation program starts in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A team of immigration with security forces- Army and Hluntin- started removing Rohingya from their family lists who are not present at the time since November18, Rofique told the Kaladanpress from Khonzabill village under Maundaw Township.
The security forces are seen as going to operation while the Immigration went to check the Rohingya family lists in the village. The Immigration officers with village admin called  and ordered the villagers to bring their family lists where the immigration officers removed the person from list who are not present  which seen the authority are doing systematic reducing Rohingya population in the area, said Halim (not real name) , a  Human Rights watch dog from Maungdaw.

The security forces are opening a pathway to the Rohingya who want to go Malaysia by risky boat, taking tolls from them. It is a kind of program to reduce Rohingya population, harassing the Rohingya community to leave their homeland, Halim said.

Besides, the Immigration offices are taking money to add a child in the family which is the duty of Immigration department to add the new born babies, said a school teacher from Maungdaw south.

The officers demanded 6,000 kyats to add in the list and village admin  officer collects 2000 kyat, the teacher said.

A villager told the Kaladanpress on condition of anonymity, “I am a poor man and daily worker so, I have very difficult to give Kyat 6,000 for listing my son in family list.”

When asked the Village Administration Officer Sayed Alam of Khonzabill village, he said that it is an order of the concerned authority to check the every family list in every village and to update of Rohingya population..

The Administration Officer also said that the team of the immigration will go to every village and check or update family lists of Rohingya in Maungdaw Township.

Whenever the immigration or Nasaka (previous border security force) was collecting family lists or checking the family lists of Rohingya community, they always extorted money from villagers, a local businessman said on condition of anonymity

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