Hluntin commits robbery in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A group of Hluntin (riot police) committed robbery against a Rohingya villager in Maungdaw south on the night of November 12, said a local elder named Lukman (not real name). A group of Hluntin from Kin Chaung river mouth out-post camp under police area number 6, went to the home of Nadu, 50; son of Salaman, hailed from Kuna Para (village) and entered the home after  breaking the door to commit robbery against him, Lukman said.

The Hluntin confined all the family members in a room with gun point and robbed 1.5 Ticals of gold and cash Kyat 100,000, he more added.

The same Hluntin from the camp also committed robbery against Nurul Islam (40) and Shamshu (45) of this village and took away 1.5 Ticals of gold and Kyat 300, 000 from Nurul Islam and Kyat 100,000 from Shamshu on November 10, at about 7:00 pm.

Hluntin frequently committed robbery against the Rohingya community, but there was no action against the culprits. This makes encouragement to the Hluntin to commit more crimes. The culprits and judges are the same person, so that there can be no justice for Rohingyas, said a local trader who preferred not to be named.

The authority targets to destroy properties of Rohingyas by any means as to push them into acute poverty. After that they will flee Arakan while they are suffering dire economic crisis, according to a local youth.

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