Government distributes mosquito nets in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A maid-wife from Aungmin Gala village tract of Maungdaw Township has been distributing mosquito nets to the villagers of Maung Nama village since November 8, according to a village elder named Shuna Ali (not real name).  “The maid-wife is distributing one mosquito net per family, but collecting Kyat 500 per family for her travel allowance. So, she will get a lot of money from villagers.”

For instance, in Maung Nama village, there is over 700- family, so she will get Kyat 350,000 from one village. Therefore, it is a lucrative business for her, he more added.

A local trader preferring not to be named said, “From Maungdaw to Maung Nama Village, she has to pay Kyat 5,000 as bus fare, but she collects huge money from the villagers.”

A local youth said, “It is supporting to villagers or extorting money from villagers.”

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