Authority harass Rohingya group speaker after delegation left in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw police had started harassment the speaker of Rohingya group after leaving of foreign diplomat delegation today afternoon, said Halim (not real name), a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw said. The foreign diplomat delegation- US Ambassador Derek J. Mitchell led Switzerland, Australian and UK diplomats – with together Immigration minister Khin Ye and Border affair minister Lt. General Thet Naing Win arrived Maungdaw at 9:00am by Helicopter. The delegation met 20 members of Rohingya and 20 members of Rakhine at District administration office hall, Halim said.

At the meeting, the envoys told two community to live peacefully which will help them their communities happy. Immigration minister Khin Ye told the participants to help the forthcoming census to finish smoothly and to stay peacefully together, then asked their opinions, according to a participant who didn’t want to be named.

Kyaw Nyunt- lawyer and Rakhine- told the delegation that Maungdaw district need law and order to control the corrupted officer who are giving facility to illegal person to enter and establish in the area.

Htun Myint- ex-school teacher and agent Miko and Rakhine-suggested the delegation about INGOs –working in the area with bias, need equal and more projects must do for these area.

Hussin Ahmed – son of a retired military personnel and Rohingya- and Dilip- son of a retired school teacher- asked the Immigration minister Khin Ye, how we stay peacefully in our area. In our area, authority restricts us for religious- all mosques and religious buildings closed since June 2012- no education, confiscated our land and economic. We need form 4 while we are traveling, form one village to another in same area. We are not getting facility for health- no admission for Rohingya in general hospital- and need permission for marriage. Most of our problem is denying our citizen rights which we enjoy before 1980. All our National registration cards (NRC of three folds) were seized and issuing white cards. Most of local authority are using us “Kala” not “Rohingya”.

The Hussin and Dilip, spoke on behalf of 20 members of Rohingya and Rohingya in the meeting.

The two Rohingya want to raise the issue of village admin election and appointment to the delegation about the role of Maungdaw Township administration officer- Kyi San- who took 500 million kyat from 90 village tracks of Rohingya in Maungdaw. The township admin officer gave promised to appoint the village admin post, but he appoint the Rakhine community members in Rohingya villages. Azimullah from Block 2, requested not to raise the issue in the meeting. Azimullah worked for township admin officer to collect the money from Rohingya village admin officers, said a politician from Maungdaw.

The Maungdaw high authority and security officers summoned Hussin Ahmed to the police station and questioning for raising of issue in the meeting. He was kept in the police station till report field.

The participants of Rohingya in the meeting are –Azimullah, block 2; Yousuf, block 2 admin; Yasin, block 2; Nurul Haq, block 4, Rafique, block 4; Dil Mohamed , block 1; Younous, block 5; Bashir, block 5 admin officer;Kamal , block 2; Abdul Rahaman, Maungni village admin office; Dilip, Myoma Kyayoungdan; Hussin Ahmed, block 6 and other more…, the politician said.

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