Hluntin commits robbery in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma border police – Hluntin – committed robbery against two Rohingya families today night in Maungdaw south, according to a close relative of one of the victims named Sayed (not real name) said.
A group of  Hluntin  with arms, went to Kuna Para (Thayai  Kontan)  under the Police area No.6 of Maungdaw and forcibly entered the houses of  Nurul Islam,40; son of Yousuf and Shamshu,45; son of Khasim while the husbands were absent today night at about 7:00pm. Both of the victims belong to Kuna Para (village) and it is about 12- mile south of Maungdaw town, Syed said

After entering the house, all the family members were confined in a room and were being threatened to be killed, if they would cried and the armed group robbed all the money and gold ornaments from said two houses, Syed added.

They robbed Kyat 300,000 and 1.5 Ticals (24.5 gm) of gold from Nurul Islam’s house and Kyat 100,000 from Shamshu’s house, said another close relative of the victims.

While committing robbery, the house wives and children gave hue and cry, hearing the noises of the family members, nearby villagers rushed to the spot and the Hluntin fired to them, so the villagers ran away. The robbers (Hluntin) also disappeared from the scene immediately. The Hluntins came from the out-post camp of Khin Chaung river mouth under Aley Than Kyaw village Tract, the relative more added.

In similar way, on September 4, in Seail Khali (Kyauk Chaung) village under the Police  area No.4 of Maungdaw north, a villager named  Baser, 52; son of Amir Hamza was robbed by a group of armed people and  took away Kyat worth 20 million (cash and gold ornaments) from the house owner.

Besides, on September 8, at around 1:30 am, a group of people with arms, numbering in 14 with army uniforms went to Kular Bill village of Bawli Bazar under the Police area No.4 of Maungdaw north and forcibly entered the houses of Shuna Meah,50; son of Abdul Gaffar and Lalu,55; son of Ali Akbar after breaking the doors and took away cash and ornaments  about 30 million Kyats.

Why did the security forces commit the robbery against the Rohingya community?  They were sent to northern Arakan for the security of Rohingya community, President Thein Sein said earlier, said a youth preferring not to be named.

Regarding the robbery, the victims will go to a nearby police camp and appraised the event, said a local elder who denied to be named.

When asked to a police aide, he said that he heard the matter, but did not tell in detail.

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