Hluntin beat a Rohingya in his home

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border police- Hluntin- stationed at Maungdaw State Middle School and town electric supply compound – beat a Rohingya in his home without any reason on November 6, said Halim (not real name), a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
The Rohingya- Dil Mohamed –living in front of Middle School in Khanye junction under Ward number 2, Maungdaw. The Hluntin stationed at the gate of school, opposite side of Dil Mohamed home, Halim said.

The Hluntin personnel – two person- from school gate are harassing and beating Rohingya traveler who are going to market from their villages – Maungni, Paungzar and Khanye – without any reason. Their duty is only to watch the school, but they stays as law is their pocket, said Anwer (not real name), a school teacher from Maungdaw.

The Hluntin who stationed at the school gate, always see young females in the home and willing to do something with female, but fail for Dil Mohamed. So the Hluntin entered his home beat severally where Dil Mohamed lose two teethes and seriously injured, said Hamid (Not real name) from the village.

The villagers and admin officer logged a case against the Hluntin to the police station, Hluntin heads office, township and district admin offices and concerned security force –army. The civil admin officers and police admit Dil Mohamed at Maungdaw general hospital, Halim said.

No action was taken to Hluntin personnel stationed at school gate till now, said Halim. “it seen, authorities of Maungdaw, allow their security force to harass  and beat or killed. No action was taken against the force.”

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