Delivery woman dies for rejecting admission in Maungdaw hospital

Mauhgdaw, Arakan State: A delivery woman died for rejecting her to admit in Maungdaw General Hospital yesterday, according to a closed relative of victim on condition of anonymity.
The delivery woman- Roshida,39; wife of Goni- hailed from Ward number 5, Maungdaw, the relative said.

Yesterday, at around 10:00 am, Goni and Adul –Roshida’s father- with Rashida went to the Maungdaw General Hospital to admit her for delivery, but on duty doctor reject to admit her as she was a Rohoingya community, said Adul with hopeless voiced.

Goni and Abdul earnestly requested to the doctor to get admission, but the doctor reject and said “These hospital is not for treatment of Kalar or Bengali.  Go to the UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees -, they will give you treatment,” said a social worker from Maungdaw who deny to be named.

After hearing the words of duty doctor from hospital, they returned to their home with great disappointment and tried for treatment with local traditional midwife but, at around 2:00am, Roshida was dead with delivery case, the social worker said.

In northern Arakan, still 85 percent delivery is taking place at home with help of unskilled or semi-skilled traditional midwifes. As people are not aware, they bring the expectant mothers into the hospitals when the situation gets worse and complicated which may risks of delivery for the lives of mother and her child, said a doctor from Maungdaw who did not identified.

After the conflicts between Rakhine and Rohingya communities in Arakan state, last year, the hatred policy against the Rohingya people is increasing day by day, said a local trader named Salim (not real name) from Maungdaw.

The local Rohingyas have no hospital or local clinic to go for treatment and many people died without proper treatment and lack of medicine in Arakan state, the man more added.

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