Rohingya boatpeople sold in Thai-Malaysia border

Bangkok, Thailand:  Rohingya boat-people who have been detaining in Thailand are being sold to the brokers( agents) by some greedy Thai officials in Thai-Malaysia border at the rate of 2,000+ US Dollar per head, said U Kyaw Nu, the president of BRAT (Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand).
“Thailand’s Human Rights violation and Human trafficking issue is going to bad to worst in the world due to some greedy officials.”

From genocide escapees or fleers Rohingyas are being sold at the rate of USD 2,000 to 2,500 per head in borders. We have the evidences that some greedy officials accompanied by some Thai Muslims and a handful Rohingyas are involved in human trafficking of Rohingyas, Ismail from a Social Welfare Organization of Bangkok, said.

This monsters combination group is very strong and has good link with high level officials in Thailand. It should be found out urgently and to be investigated and all human trafficking related parties must be booked for trail, BRAT president added.

These monsters tarnish the image of Thailand in the world. Meanwhile, we, the Rohingya people become victims after victims at the hands of traffickers. Many victims’ news is unknown to public and we are sure that they were sold to fishing trawlers of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, said Abdul Mabud, he is also a member of BRAT.

The U.N. refugee agency officer Nesirky recently said in UN assembly that more than 1,500 people fleeing Myanmar’s volatile Rakhine state boarded rickety boats last week in the Bay of Bengal.

Conflict began last year in Arakan State, and it has driven a dramatic increase in leavings of Rohingyas from Arakan soil via the Bay of Bengal. Some of them also drowned, a youth named Seraz (not real name) said from Maungdaw north.

“Local villagers in Arakan State are afraid that — the rainy season comes to an end–more refugees will start journey by boat, said a local leader Arnis (not real name) from Maungdaw south.

When Kaladan Press met a man named Redewan from Maungdaw Township in Thailand recently, “He says that his daughter Tahera (12) and his son Sultan (10) have been detained in police camp of Thai south. He has no money to release them. They are also boat people.”

“How the Thai civil societies and world communities keep silence about this fearful human tragedies”, asked Mohamed Nasim, a member of Social Welfare Organization, Thailand.

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