Police kill a Rohingya fisherman

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A group of Burma border police personnel – Hluntin- beat a Rohingya fisherman till he died on 29th October at night, according to Mohamod (real name) from Ngasagru village, Maungdaw north.
Zahid Alam, 39, son of Abdul Hakhim with together other Rohingya fishermen from Ngasagru village, were fishing on the bank of Pruma stream. A group of Burma border police –Hluntin- called and chased   the fishermen while they were fishing, Zahid was caught by Hluntin but other managed to escape. The Hluntin were angry with fishermen for making them tried and beat Zahid till died, said a fisherman who was fishing with him.

After seeing dead of Zahid, the Hluntin took the dead body to their camp and not giving the dead body to the family member of Zahid to take to the village of Ngasagru. The Hluntin demand to the family members and villagers who went to the outpost camp, not to inform to other authority, to bury the dead body within their control area and to sign on blank paper by the family members and the village elders, said a relative of Zahid, not giving his name.

At the last movement, the family members and village elders signed the paper and buried on 30 October evening near the village graveyard, the relative said.

The Rohingya community living in Maungdaw and Buthidaung are the animal whenever the security force want to kill, no rule of law in these area. The authority systematic doing to reduce Rohingya population in the area by harassing, extorting, looting the property, killing and controlling and banning social activities, said a politician from Maungdaw.

Zahid left three daughters and two sons with his wife. How these family will survival in the future, said the politician.

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