Collecting money for outpost building in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border police – Hluntin – and village admin officer are collecting money from villagers for Hluntin outpost building since September 26, said Mohamed Ali (not real name) from Maungdaw north.
The collecting of 500 kyat per family was carryout by village admin officer Amir Hakim from the villagers of Yeymyet Taung village. The village admin officer collecting 500 kyat most of the family and the last he collect two bamboo – coast 100 kyat- from poorest family, Ali said.

The plan was created by head of Yeymyet Taung police outpost and village admin officer, for their own fund collection, said a teacher from Maungdaw north.

The Hluntin heads office ordered to village admin officers not to pay tolls, fund and others without information of heads office at the meeting of village admin officers since the Hluntin took over the charge, the teacher said.

The Yeymyet Taung police outpost building is already in good position, but the officers called the villagers through the village admin officer to pay money for building. It is a kind of extortion and harassing Rohingya community, said a politician from Maungdaw.

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