31 voyagers arrest, more than 10 die on Naf river in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese border police- Hluntin- arrested 31 Malaysia bound voyagers and more than 10 people died while the voyagers’ boat crashed and sank after attacking rock in the Naf river mouth –Bay of Bengal- near Shilkhali (Kyauk Chaung) on October 26, at about 10:00pm, said Eliyas ( not real name) from Maungdaw south.
A local boat tried to transfer more than 150 people to a mother boat which anchored on the Bay of Bengal, crashed and sank at the Naf river mouth while the boat was returning to the Burma coast for missing the mother boat. The mother boat is collecting voyagers from northern Arakan –Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung – and Bangladesh with their agents. The agents mostly preferred Maungdaw south for transferring voyagers to mother boat as the Burmese border police open the door for Malaysia bound voyagers with taking tolls, Eliyas said.

But, unfortunately the local boat crashed and sunk in the Naf river where mostly female and children died and other voyages were reached the coast after swimming. Burma border police outpost camp of Shilkhali (Kyauk Chaung) village arrested 31 voyages and other escaped from arrest, Eliyas more added.

The 31 voyagers were transferred to Maungdaw police station today evening and the local Rohingya sent foods for them as per police requested through voyagers, said an aide of police who didn’t want to be mention his named.

“The 31 voyagers are all males and become very weak for not getting foods since they have been arrested.”

These people are mostly from Maungdaw southern side, and abandoned their native villages because there is no life security and livelihood, according to an intellectual from Maungdaw Town.

In similar way, on October 24, a big ship also left for Malaysia through risky sea route, mostly passengers were from Maungdaw Township. If the process is continuous, there will be no Rohingya in Maungdaw within a short period, said a schoolteacher who denied local to be named for security reason.

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