New tactic of security force in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Police and Hluntin (riot police) have been giving extra restriction to the Rohingya community or using a new tactic on movement in Maungdaw Township since October 23, Abul (not real name) said from the locality on condition of anonymity.  “Earlier, Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw Township were able to go from one place to another within the Township by holding National ID Cards along with recommendation letters of village Chairmen or local Administration officers.”

Suddenly, on October 23, the local police officer of Myint Hlut of Maungdaw south ordered to the local villagers that Rohingya people will need finger prints to go from one place to another within the Township along with ID cards. They have to give finger prints at the local police station; otherwise, they will be arrested and punished according to the law, Abul more added.

As a result, local Rohingya villagers have been facing many difficulties to go from one place to another. Temporarily, the police did not take money from the villagers, but in future, they will take money for finger prints in the police station, said a youth who asked not to be named.

Police accompanied by Hluntin is trying to get credibility more than Nasaka (previous border security force) so that they can create new tactics or devices how they will harass more to the Rohingya people. The security force have not do any illegal action committed by them against the Rohingya people because of the concerned higher authorities want to do so, the youth more added.

“Frequently, we heard that the higher authorities did not know or have no knowledge about the events (eg. Birth control), happened in Arakan state when they were asked by some international organizations. It was known to local authorities, they replied. Is it really correct? Without knowledge of concerned higher authority, there is nothing happened in Burma. But, the Burmese government cuckolds international community, said a businessman from the locality preferring not be named

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