Man along with weapons arrested by police at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A man with weapons was arrested by police on August 29, Ngarsar Kyeu (Nitha Pru village) under Lounddon police station of Maungdaw north while he was chasing cowboys who were grazing there cattle in the field, a village elder said on condition of anonymity.  “The man spoke in Rakhine language and told to a village Admin that he is from Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State and came to visit his relatives.”

Being informed, a group of police personnel from Lounddon police station came to the spot and arrested the man with one pistol, 30 rounds of bullets, 6 local made bombs and a knife in his bag.

However, this information was reached to a nearby military camp, and a group of military led by one officer (captain name unknown) also came to the spot and took away the arrestee from the hands of police by saying that—“He is our man, going to mad and missing from the camp 2 to 3 days ago,” said one of village administrators.

The captain also said to the villagers, “Don’t tell this information to other people and higher authorities,” according to villagers.

The arrestee said, “I am not an ordinary man, I will be safe wherever I may be sent,” according to a villager who denied to be named.

The Deputy Tactical Operation Commander (TOC) who has been stationed at Taungbro recently after deploying military at Burma-Bangladesh border after releasing a rumor report from India newspaper that Burma will be attacked by Rohingya arms group from Bangladesh. Taungbro is a sub-township within the Maungdaw Township near Bangladesh border. The TOC officer also contacted with concerned authorities through telephone regarding the man with weapons, said an aide of police preferring not to be named.

At present, the arrestee is in the army camp of Lounddon, Maungdaw north, the aide more added.

Most of the villagers near by the Ngarsar Kyeu (Nitha Pru village) believe that the man is not an army personnel, he may be a Rakhine communist party member or ALP (Arakan Liberation Party) member. Villagers also consider that pistol is for his security matter and the crude bombs will be blown up in possible strategic areas for implicating so called Rohingya arms group because of further repression of Rohingya community or to create another riot between Rakhine and Rohingya communities to flee Rohingya people from Arakan soil, said a politician from inside Arakan preferring not to be named.

Besides, yesterday, villagers from Ngarsar Kyeu (Nitha Pru village) who went to forest for collection of firewood under Maungdaw Township also saw a group Rakhine with lethal weapons moving in the forest. Villagers saw them in a Mountain- Pass named Darabonna Dalar  near the area. As a result, villagers are not sleeping at night for fear of attack by the unknown Rakhine community at any time as the security force will let them free to attack the Rohingya community. This is the strategy of present government, according to a local schoolteacher who denied to be named.

The Rakhne community gets full support from President Thein Sein though the president is pretending as an innocent or knowing nothing about the conflicts in Arakan stat, .but, he is a successful military dictator with civilian clothes in convincing the western powerful countries to invest in Burma by showing the unexplored natural resources while he visited western countries, said a businessman from Maungdaw Town.

When contacted to Lounddon army camp, we did not get any response regarding the arrested men with weapon, but, nearby an army aide confirmed that the episode was correct.

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