Special checking of Rohingya at night in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security force – Army, police and Hluntin- personnel have been checking of Rohingya village in Maungdaw since last week of August, according to an elder from Maungdaw.
The security force had checked Ward number 5, yesterday where they were checking the family lists with together a list from them, said a village admin office member from Maungdaw.

The security force entered house by house to check the villagers without any village admin member and asking the person who they needed – escaping the person after riot in 2012-but no one was arrested by them as all the male villagers fled from their home and village after security round up the village, the member said.

It is one kind of harassment to Rohingya community and it made the villagers not able to sleep in their home at night which is change to attempt to rape the Rohingya female in the village, the elder said.

Similarly, the security force personnel round up the Ali village of Ward number 2 on August 24, where the security force entered every house of village for searching someone who the security force need, but all the female run away from the village for fear of arrest, said a politician from Maungdaw.

“It is may be checking of the persons, which was going on as rumored in internet that some arm group personnel enter into Arakan state  to fight the Burmese government. So, the security personnel from Maungdaw are high alert on this issue,” the politician said.

“We don’t know howlong the authority will do these checking only the Rohingya villages in Maungdaw and what will play and treat Rohingya community from Maungdaw in the future.”

We, Kaladan Press, try to confirm the checking system from security office ( police station) but said not able to give the detail, confirmed the checking  was going on in the night as per ordered.

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