Getting village admin officer post with money in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw township administration officer U Kyi San is issuing appointment letter to whom  who gave huge money to him since after election of village admin post  in Maungdaw township, said an  officer from Maungdaw  who declined to mention his name. U Htun Naing, the driver of Township admin officer is the collaborator between Township admin officer and candidate and he the person who decided the prices of appointment letter for village admin officer post, the officer said.

Recently, Township admin officer U Kyi San took 500,000 kyat from Harron who  elected  top post for village admin of Yaikhut Chaung Khwason (Bor Gazi Bil) but the admin officer took again from Idris 3 million kyat and issued  the appointment letter of village admin for him, said an elder from the Yaikhut Chaung Khwason.

“All the villagers supported and giving their vote to Harron for village admin officer, but the Township admin officer U Kyi San and his driver play in the village to issue the appointment letter who will pay high prices even he was not support by villagers. Kyi San took 500,000 kyat first from elected person and play to get more money through his driver who will want the post and pay high prices. If get, U Kyi San issued the appointment letter to him otherwise the appointment will go to the real person, but it is very real.”

Similarly, U Kyi San took 1.5 million kyat from Fozi Alam who win 1st in the village admin election, but the post had gone to Maung Maung Tin who paid him 4 million for village admin officer post. He got in the election only 22 point where Fozi Alam got 40 points in the election of Mingala Gyi village tract, said a school teacher from Mingala Gyi village.

On the other hand, U Kyi San and his driver U Htun Naing had taken 4 million from Shawbir, a former Burma border security force (Nasaka) collaborator, win first place in the election of Doetan village tract, 2 million from Syedul Amin, the former village admin officer, win 2nd place and 2.5 million kyats from Syed Mohamed, win 3rd place but Shawbir and Syed Mohamed had cases in the Maungdaw court which made them disqualified for post. The Township officer U Kyi San and his driver didn’t returned the money which they took from Shawbir and Syed Mohamed, according to candidates of village admin election of Doetan village.

The candidates had to pay 100,000 – 300,000 kyats also to U Htun Naing for his mediation fee by a candidate. The Township admin officers U Kyi San also not returned the money he took from candidates for village admin post, said a politician from Maungdaw.

The Maungdaw township administration officer and district admin officer are extorting money from Rohingya community who were elected by villagers with giving some points – white card holder, with cases, not supporting by villagers – to extort money from them, the politician said.

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