Bangladesh imports onions from Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: More than 463 metric tons of onions have been imported by Bangladesh from Burma recently, said a local trader Abu Noor Khaled from Teknaf land port.  “The onions have been exported through the transit point of Teknaf land port since August 22, 2013.”

The trader more added that over 463 metric tons of onions were imported by Bangladesh within the last two days (Friday and Saturday). Another 200 metric tons of onions will be arrived at Teknaf land port soon.

A businessman from Teknaf said that all onions, which were imported from Burma would be supplied across the country.

In the 2nd week of July, one kilo of onion was sold Taka 40 in the local markets along the border area. Now, in August one kilo of onion is being sold Taka 80 in the local markets. So, the local poor people are facing many difficulties to buy onions, according to sources.

A daily worker told the Kaladan Press from inside Arakan State, Burma that the price of onions and other essential goods are being skyrocketed day by day in Arakan State. For instance, a sack of 50 kg rice is being sold at Kyat 18,000, one kilo of dried chili  is Kyat 1,600, one liter of edible oil is Kyat 1,600 and etc.

In Ramadan month, “We buy one kilo of onion with Kyat 500 to 700, but, now we have to buy one kilo of onion at about Kyat 800 to 1000,” said a local elder inside Arakan.

Now, the villagers are facing many difficulties because of high price of commodities in Arakan State, said a villager from Aley Than Kyaw.

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